"Union of the opposition", like those supermarkets that change the labels of expired goods

2024-03-02 21:39:15 / IDE NGA DESADA METAJ

"Union of the opposition", like those supermarkets that change the

The excitement every time there is a "unification" between the pieces of the opposition increases the dose of sadness for any normal mind who thinks that Edi Rama's time in power has passed.

In the already distant year 2021, when it was claimed that the opposition was all together and would defeat Rama, a part of society, the one who manages to think and perceive the truth behind the packaging of electoral campaigns, was skeptical and failed to voted for the change he wanted.

The opposition alternative did not offer this change that they are still waiting for, despite the forced packaging of the union in the name of the change. This, because the indifferent group of citizens who did not vote for the opposition alternative in 2021, cannot be deceived by a union for the sake of "union", while waiting for a convincing, honest, and above all moral alternative, which Albania lacks. still. This was and continues to be the biggest challenge of any political force seeking to challenge Rama's government.

Following closely the course that the events took after the 2021 elections, the declaration of non grata of Sali Berisha and the further fragmentation of the DP, all the groups that were created with a complex that even today do not hesitate to hide, speak and shout in the name of the union of the democrats. Which according to them is the magic formula of victory over Rama.

Intentionally or not, the exponents of all opposition groups hide from the big truth, that of the lack of offer for those citizens who are not traditional DP voters, this phase of voters who are really the key to the victory over Rama.

Instead, like a broken revolutionary crowd without ideas and without thinking, the opposition's battles start at the corner of the alley of hope and end in the parliamentary smoke, which already spoils Elisa's makeup.

Most of the deputies on the DP list, stuck between the noise organized and sponsored by the non grata and a clumsy DP with a stamp, chose to "join" the pulpit. Trumpeted as a victory from the pulpit, it seems as if a few weeks will bring us victory with Rama.

In fact, a few weeks separate us from the real start of the electoral campaign for the 2025 elections, in which the Albanian opposition is going more chaotic, more disorganized and more divided than ever before.

In more than two years, the fragments of the DP were divided, insulted, beaten and kissed so much in the name of oppositionism with Rama, that the latter does not even have to use jokes to make them funny anymore.

Now that the time for the next elections is knocking, the pieces of the opposition are forgetting the sticks, the gas, the swearing and the insults of two years and are heading towards "unification" or rather they are heading towards victory.

Those who were dismissed two years ago in a meeting at the stadium as Lulzim Basha's appointees, will be appointed to the same positions, this time by Sali Berisha.

Those who fought Berishism as the evil that left PD in the opposition, today are waving it as the flag that will lead them to victory.

The truth is that in the name of "unification" they will get some democrat votes. And maybe some of them will still be MPs.

On the other hand, it is clear that some others will remain without work and will probably read the newspapers on some television, such as the most famous Union in Albania. It is also clear that no union of fragments is a magic wand to transform them into an alternative for normal citizens, for those Albanians who think with their minds.

As it is certain that Sali Berisha will use them and throw them away, as has happened in the last 30 years. Doing Lulzim Basha and the last service maybe. Taking the hack and showing everyone that for him there are no eternal enemies. There are only loyal traitors, who can only return as soldiers of an army that clearly does not want war, but some battles with the government. Where Rama always comes out victorious, but the opposing army is not left without any construction or investment permits.

The opposition cannot be like those supermarkets that change the labels of expired goods to put them back on sale. With this offer you can lie not only to the militants, but those who lead you to victory never.

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