Love in the time of SPAK fear

2024-06-23 20:02:22 / IDE NGA NAMIR LAPARDHAJA

Love in the time of SPAK fear

The love between Rama and Berisha at the time of punishment by SPAK culminated in the awarding of the stamp of the DP to Sali Berisha.

In the eyes of everyone, previously through Lindita Nikolla, Rama had recognized him 'de facto' as the leader of the opposition, while by giving the seal he also legally certified him.

He now has the road paved and without any obstacles to get a fourth term despite the great sea of ​​corruption that has sunk the whole ship of his government.

Today, even the people of Berisha's court admit that Rama gave the seal, because the fall of Berisha will cause the domino effect, making him the next stone to fall in SPAK's net.

That is why they have tightened their grip on the old tango, to free the corrupt through amnesty, to kill the Electoral Reform that is expected to expire at the end of this month without deliberately achieving anything concrete, and of course to enter together in the anti- SPAK, due to common problems with justice.

A door that opens and closes according to the fate of the Doctor, has a key, so today he is nothing more than Sali Brava looking for the key to the DP in the Prime Minister's yard of Edi Rama.

He does it not out of desire, but out of plight as the only hope to survive and postpone punishment.

It is the same door of corrupt interests that connects it with the permits of the Towers in Tirana, according to the principle, really in the eyes of the people we pretend to fight, but we have the towers and the oligarchs together.

Albania is numb and hopeless from this game of a corrupt government and an equally corrupt opposition, so today more than ever it needs a new offer and alternative.

Happening now...