Every achievement of SPAK and Justice is a loss for Berisha, but also for Rama!

2024-05-21 09:58:03 / IDE NGA SIDI HASANAJ

Every achievement of SPAK and Justice is a loss for Berisha, but also for Rama!

Sali Berisha was so alarmed by the public support that SPAK is receiving these days after the Metamorfoza 2 operation, that yesterday he "risked" breaking the rules of house arrest, going out on a video conference from his house.

He attacked SPAK and Altin Duman in every word that came out of his mouth, for what?! For the most successful crime-fighting operation of the last 30 years.

What a paradox, someone who is a self-proclaimed leader of the opposition, attacks justice when it hits the most dangerous gangs of the last 20 years. Why?!

Berisha raised the argument that "SPAK de-conspired the operation by warning the crime bosses to leave the money".
This is a big lie. SPAK's operation was Metamorphosis 2, which followed Operation Metamorphosis 1, which was launched after the destruction of SKY and ECC satellite mobiles across the planet. All the users of these applications, criminals, policemen, politicians and businessmen, were made aware that their conversations about murder, drug trafficking and fines were revealed!
From that moment, everyone was aware, like Albanian criminals, Romanian, Colombian, Italian... everyone! So Dubai is back to the Paradise of the world's richest criminals.

But beyond the big lie that Berisha tells, he forgets to say the big truth:

After the arrest warrants issued by SPAK for the crime bosses in Albania, in prison or in Dubai, their lives ended just like their activity in Albania!

They now face a life in hiding and fear, from prison and from their attacks, a life that no gold or millions of € can decorate!

What Berisha did not say is that the 51 SPAK arrest warrants hit Edi Rama's electoral headquarters since 2013, hit the engine that gave Edi Rama a stream of votes bought and enslaved by violence!

The gangs that had occupied every inch of land on the coast, that finance the Towers in Tirana and the resorts of the Oligarchs on the coast, were hit! While every honest businessman was either fined with insane amounts, or was kicked out of the market altogether!

Why was Sali Berisha not happy about this direct hit on Edi Rama?

Because Berisha does not have the battle with Edi Rama, but with SPAK and USA.
If one day SPAK also arrests Edi Rama, but Berisha remains under house arrest, again he won nothing! Again he has his battle with SPAK.

But yesterday Berisha received a big blow, (besides the success of SPAK), the file declaring him Nongrata from Britain was partially made public.

It became clear how Britain, through its security agencies for the Balkans, announced Nongrata Berisha as a politician who stopped prosecutors from interrogating Serb Damir Fazllic, how his daughter and son-in-law sold the gas energy park in Porto Romano by making a scheme corruption of millions of euros, thanks to Berisha's firm as prime minister... and as a convicted drug trafficker and violence in London, accompanied Berisha in his attempts to take the DP Headquarters by force in 2021.

These facts are so stubborn, so public and first of all Albanians... there is no fairy tale with Soros, I cover it!

Yesterday, Berisha was supposed to hold a video conference where, as former President and former Prime Minister, he explained to the Albanians the facts of his nongrata file from Britain.

But no, he chose to fight SPAK, why did he hit the Renaissance gangs!