Erion Veliaj, the ugliest model that Albanian politics has produced

2024-06-20 19:44:54 / IDE NGA ELONA CASLLI

Erion Veliaj, the ugliest model that Albanian politics has produced
If there is one name that should unite all Albanians, it is the name of Erion Veliaj. Erion Veliaj is the ugliest model that Albanian politics has produced in 30 years. Erion Veliaj is the typical model of a man with pronounced inferiority complexes, who, unable to face his own shortcomings, tries to imitate badly what he can never be.

He tries to act like a tyrant and with barren jokes produces a humor that is not even at the level of baits.

Attempts to quote foreign writers in speeches, while unable to write a single sentence from start to finish without spelling mistakes.

Steals Obama photo templates and "naturally" reproduces them as if they were their own. He tries to play basketball and dance with women producing wretched propaganda every time he appears, as not only Erion Veliaj, but anyone who desperately tries to imitate someone else turns into a desperate clown, as everyone is interesting in their individuality. him and the world is interesting because individualities are different.

It is no coincidence that the thefts in the Municipality of Tirana have been done in an extremely brutal way, since a man with pronounced inferiority complexes cannot steal otherwise. Theft coincides with his thinking, with his formation, with his overwhelming effort to take away what he is not, so it is of fundamental importance that this political pattern ends, as the wickedness of an unfulfilled man dressed in power, turns into a national disaster, as it has already turned with the air we breathe with alarming levels of pollution and with the millions of euros that have flown from our pockets.

Erion Veliaj contains wickedness and ignorance. This combination is deadly for a society.

Post Scriptum- When will Erion Veliaj face justice?!