Fatmir Xhafa, (Rama), in attack against Altin Duman!

2024-05-28 19:45:37 / IDE NGA KLODIANA LALA

Fatmir Xhafa, (Rama), in attack against Altin Duman!
I was in Belgrade due to a professional commitment, when the new head of SPAK was to be elected in the High Council of Prosecution. 

I followed the meeting online and realized that the government's fight to take over the leadership of the Special Prosecutor's Office was strong.
The way events were unfolding clearly proved this. In the final, SPAK was led by Altin Dumani.

Since that day, the fight against corruption at high levels and corruption in general has started to intensify. Of course, much more is required.

Altin Dumani does not obey anyone. Only the LAW. This seems to terrify Edi Rama. Therefore, it seems clear, he chose Fatmir Xhafa, the man who once threw him overnight from the Ministry of the Interior, to call him into service. As always, Xhafa knows how to serve. That's why he suddenly finds himself at the head of the Anti-SPAK Commission. A commission that will try to control the anti-corruption structure.

The war against Duman has just begun. Xhafa will play with procedures, technicalities, negotiations with internationals. He will do his best to control SPAK and serve the BOSS. As a matter of fact, he swallowed the rejection from the Ministry of the Interior. Even the moment when he was forced to hand over his brother to prison in Italy, just so that Edi Rama would not be disturbed.

The waters have already changed. SPAK, contrary to what well-known analysts in the country think, is getting out of control. Not the whole structure, but a part, which is disturbing his sleep.

Personally, I do not believe that Albania is made by SPAK, Albania is made by us, the citizens. But SPAK is enough to shake the knees of corrupt politicians, who until yesterday saw themselves as untouchable.

Xhafa is one of them, whose assets should be investigated because his brother is convicted of drugs. And while he should have supported the Reform that he himself sewed, now he is trying to destroy it and put SPAK under control. If that happens, I don't believe there is any hope in this country. Let's hope my prediction doesn't come true.


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