The immorality of the Rama-Berisha Act towards SPAK

2023-11-20 13:06:39 / IDE NGA SIDI HASANAJ

The immorality of the Rama-Berisha Act towards SPAK

The immorality of the Rama-Berisha act as the coherence between their joint actions and decisions towards justice and SPAK. Today's coherence is clearer than ever, when in parallel Bledi Çuçi on behalf of SP attacked Mr. Altin Dumani fiercely, while Berisha and his lackeys lit red flares against SPAK, in the parliament hall.

Çuçi tried to delegitimize Duman from the post of SPAK head, saying that Duman's position on the government (corrupt according to him) in the Integration Commission is his personal position and not institutional.
So Çuçi and SP (Rama, more precisely) are trying to strip A. Duman of the costume of the head of SPAK by gradually portraying him as an individual with a personal agenda, far from the institutional one.

So they are trying to distance the institution (SPAK) from its leader (Dumani), as a prologue to a war between SP and Dumani.

Berisha, a little more primitive and vulgar in his thoughts, ignites flames in the Assembly because, according to him, Rama has ordered SPAK and "his scumbags there" to investigate the "Partizani" affair.

Berisha tries to delegitimize Dumani and SPAK by defining them as "satellites in the orbit of Edi Rama".

However, this immorality (intrigue, lack of sincerity, hatred and power struggle against Justice) of the Rama-Berisha joint acts, already covered in the archives of media statements, paradoxically demolishes the position of Berisha and Rama:

Dumani cannot be an opponent of the SP (already officially after the lynching that the head of the parliamentary group of the SP did to him) as Rama says, or Rama's tool as Berisha says.

But the facts we have are the attacks that Rama-Berisha have made against SPAK.
Then the question arises:

What if SPAK is an enemy of SP Rama and Berisha?

What if the facts, i.e. Rama and Berisha's attacks on Duman, beyond the rhetoric, show the great truth:
Rama and Berisha are being attacked for their thefts by SPAK and are defending themselves by fighting back?

We know that Rama's propaganda machine is strong, if SPAK was their tool, the propaganda for him would be non-stop to exalt its work... but the renaissance propaganda started the engines to attack Duman and SPAK.

Facts that show how immoral are the coherent and unison acts of Rama and Berisha, towards the power of Justice!
But facts that only give credibility and legitimacy to Altin Duman and SPAK among Albanian citizens!