There's bad news for the Carrion-eating Crows!

2024-06-15 11:25:19 / IDE NGA SIDI HASANAJ

There's bad news for the Carrion-eating Crows!
Lulzim Basha's loss of the judicial process for the Seal of the Democratic Party at the Appeals level has brought a wave of cries of joy from the ravens of Basha's opponents.

These human ravens are giving an exhibition of opportunistic character and in their most evil sense, they are showing what predatory parasites have corroded the PD over the years.

The loss of Basha and his people has brought happiness to the black hearts of the ravens that have been parasitizing over the years in PD, because these types of people are failed people in life whose only source of happiness is the "failure of the opponent"... showing that how miserable they are.

They are miserable Ravens, because they are miserable in their private lives, failed to create a family as a shelter of love, failed in their jobs, without a career, without a job, without a career path. They simply vegetated being served by one political boss to another. Fixed like ravens that only feed on carrion and rot, since they can't win any battle by themselves.

I do not speak in theory, but I have analyzed all those who have expressed satisfaction for the loss of Basha, I know them all. I was impressed by their common denominator, the same identikit:

Without established families, without a day's work beyond militancy, (either in the Party or in the media as party servants), failed in every political action, but above all:
People who once preached morality and sacrifice in politics, and then the difficulties of these quotes are broken and bent on the shoe lickers of their political masters.

And why, this Korbash choir, screams under the rude sounds of hysteria, the loss of Basha?!

Because they had respect and envy for Basha and his team. "Our envy always lasts longer than the happiness of those we envy," says François de La Rochefoucauld.

They cannot forgive Lulzim Basha and the excellent people who are in his formation, who do not break their character, who never accepted the bargain and compromise with evil.

It is envy that springs from envy of their virtues!
"Why was I broken by Berisha, who attacked him so much, and went to you humbled as his slave, while Basha and the people who are by his side showed themselves to be more men than me?!"

They can't chew this!

They are very conscious of the wisdom, professional expertise, skills and manly personalities of the former DP official team.

They know that they are very inferior to them, they are quite aware of our potential, that's why they attack and rejoice at the loss of the DP stamp by us.

Caterpillars reflect the negativity and personal shortcomings that often lead people to find joy in the misfortunes of others.

Poor, we have bad news for them:

We don't stop, on the contrary, you motivated us even more with your wickedness.

We will work 1000 times more with the democrats and honest people of this country on the ground, we will unfold our economic program 1000 times more professionally, which is the first program in 33 years which can be considered as the framework and foundation of a modern right-wing state that brings prosperity to the country.

Meanwhile, you collect all your scum, and continue singing and dancing in the alley of those despised by the USA, Britain, Germany and 1 million Albanians as thieves and incompetent!

But in the 2025 elections, you will face us, your pole of evil and the old will face the pole of light and hope, the pole of the Euro-Atlantic right, the pole that seeks and will receive votes of character... not votes of ravens!

Happening now...