The creation of the new subject is an urgent political and moral issue!

2024-06-13 00:05:56 / IDE NGA ALBAN DACI

The creation of the new subject is an urgent political and moral issue!
The court's decision on the legality of DP is being considered as a trauma phenomenon for a significant part of the Basha group!

Of course, within this grouping, as in any political grouping where interests are often intertwined with needs, personal accounts and ideals or attitudes, there were also people who stayed with the idea that they would be officially its political representatives and as a result would have a guaranteed career. and guaranteed privileges.

In order to understand who these people were, it is enough to understand the fact that they were forced to take office twice. Sometimes they did this while having the mandate of the deputy and because of the need that Basha had for the parliamentary group, they conditioned the latter by taking what they wanted and behaving as they wanted!

In fact, within this type there was little idealism and much pragmatism and genuine interests of power and career. These had little to do with the real causes of Basha or even others with whom they resisted or stayed!

I have often been surprised by the tolerance that Basha had with the people around him! It was so liberal that almost most of them behaved individually, the president in their mind as an equal with Basha, because they did not support the latter because of the challenges, but because the latter was in difficulty, not having many opportunities in disposition.

The history of the crisis in DP, about which I have spoken a lot, has been about issues of principle, about generational perspectives and about ideals. This category includes most of those who stood by Basha, supporting him without reservations and without asking for exchanges of offices or privileges!

In this category belong most of those young people, about 103 thousand who voted for DP in the last elections, separated and disconnected from the past. Today, at least Basha's grouping starts with an electorate of 100,000 voters, but not only that!
The current political system is a total crisis where about 70% of Albanians do not want the credibility of those who have 30 years with the symbolism of the transition.

I don't say this, but almost all polls of the last two years have said it. But the biggest crisis is on the right wing, which in the current status quon offers nothing new, but recycling, regression and backtracking. Also, the current political system is in a moral crisis due to the confrontation with justice. More or less or almost identical to the Italian one of the early 90s, where

The First Republic fell immediately like an earthquake and the classic parties that had dominated Italy since the end of World War II disappeared. Italy had a strategist who knew the heart, mind and belly of the Italians and this was Berlusconi who created Forza Italia, a liberal and moderate right-wing party taking the place of the Christian Democracy that had dominated it for decades.

Albania needs a party similar to Forza Italian, to take the place of the crisis that the Albanian right has produced due to the consumption of the lack of alternative and the obstacle it has made to respect the elites.

Basha has been fighting for two years on the causes he raised!
For more than two years, Basha has had people who trusted him and remained loyal to him, believing in his positions and political leadership.
Basha has about 100,000 Democrats who voted for him without campaigning.

Basha has the majority of Albanians who do not accept him with the status quo and are looking for a new political offer.
Basha, in the capacity of the leader, for all this, should immediately create his logo, his subject with the ideas, attitudes and principles that he has revealed these two years.

Basha as a leader must immediately create this subject to give a clear signal to the people who trust him and stand by him. Any delay would weaken Basha's political leadership.
Basha has also been punished politically for his style, taking things slowly and his opponents moving fast to defeat him, taking every space.

Basha has a moral obligation to the faithful, but also a political obligation to the Albanians and the right-wingers to give quick and strong signals for the continuation of his political path.

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