The border with the USA?

2024-06-23 15:49:03 / IDE NGA ALBI XHUNGA

The border with the USA?
The legal coup that affixed the seal of the first Albanian opposition party to the eighth floor where the prisoner declared non grata for major corruption is staying, is just one episode of Edi Rama's rebellion against the USA. Before the court officially recognized him, Sali Berisha was recognized by the majority. Even without a seal and without legitimacy, the head of the parliamentary group was given to Reestablishment.

The Refoundation-Rebirth cooperation makes the empire's threats not to cooperate with a non grata trivial. This cooperation started with the vote for the release of the corrupt and is continuing with the blocking of changes in the electoral code, which preserves the exclusivity of policy-making in Albania in the two main drafters of corruption lists.

Edi Rama's rebellion against the USA started a long time ago. Since his foreign ministry "announced" the end of Ambassador Yuri Kim's term. Since he tried to capture the head of SPAK and lost by only one vote. Ever since he supported Albin Kurti in the dangerous nationalist game, overcoming the differences between them. Since when, by means of another coup, he invalidated the Constitutional Court for Xhaçka's mandate.

The result is clear to anyone. Politics and justice in Albania are the domain of the head of government. He dictates the decisions of the courts. He chooses the opposition he will face. Sali Berisha is not a player in this political poker. Sali Berisha is a miserable "Uncle Gorio" who desperately wants to save himself and his biological heritage from prison.

He is forced to dance the dance that the all-powerful prime minister imposes on him even though this dance is humiliating and destroys his personality. This is the only difference with Balzac's character Uncle Gorio (Père Goriot), the old man Gorio melted the wealth for his unworthy daughters, while Berisha is melting the dignity for his unworthy children.

Edi Rama is making it clear to the Americans that he has no intention of surrendering his head to China. He knows that he will not be hit as long as he holds the post of prime minister. This is western practice. Many Western prime ministers have gone through criminal proceedings.

Some of them have even been convicted. But in no case is there a criminal process against a prime minister in office, because the popular vote also prevails over justice. Therefore, the prime minister is clinging to power. He does not want power simply for ambition.

He wants power to guarantee his freedom. Meanwhile, the international political reality may change. In the USA, Trump can be elected, who, apart from having little sensitivity to issues of justice (of which he himself is a victim), but can also be sympathetic to a prime minister who, apart from Sazan and Zvrnec, would leave no stone unturned to the billionaire family.

The problem is that by not being able to hit a prime minister in office, SPAK cannot even act against people who can take the prime minister with them. Erion Veliaj openly threatened him, citing that he was not responsible for what his subordinates did behind his back.

Other high exponents of the majority cannot be hit just because they can take the prime minister with them. Xhaçka, Gjiknuri, or the deputy prime minister in the bed of organized crime, discredit the reform in justice. How can you tell the Albanian opposition that SPAK is attacking the whales of the opposition, like Berisha and Meta, but it cannot deal with some ministers without a point of political weight?

Will the superpower respond? Will they bow to the corrupt Albanian prime minister and wait for better times to advance their agendas in this corner of the globe? Is a part of SPAK that they control enough to change the reality in Albania, deeply immersed in scum and corruption? Or will the Rama-USA conflict finally explode on the surface. The near future will give us these answers.

What has happened in the Balkans has never been decided in the Balkans. The Balkans is too small to decide its own fate. The fate of the peninsula has always been decided on the tables of the superpowers. At the end of the last century there was a man who tried to change this reality. His name was Slobodan Milosevic. We all know his fate…

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