To whom is the American embassy's "beware of non gratat" message addressed?

2024-06-21 23:03:20 / IDE NGA PREç ZOGAJ

To whom is the American embassy's "beware of non gratat" message
A few days after the Court of Appeal divided in favor of Reestablishment the judicial conflict regarding the affiliation of the seal of the DP, there was a reaction from the Embassy of the United States in Tirana.

"Our position regarding individuals designated as non-grata remains unchanged: we do not engage with individuals designated under US sanctions authority," the statement began.

An attitude taken literally every time illusions and speculations have taken off in the Poroshian camp as if Washington has regretted sanctioning Berisha.

The repetition of the standard position after the Appeal decision has the novelty of replicating the next misunderstandings as if Berisha's speech at the head of the DP dictates a change. Because he is no longer the former president or the former prime minister, but the leader of the opposition, the shadow prime minister. Washington cannot help but consider this.  

But no, nothing changes at this point. Not even getting the Party seal. This is the embassy's statement.

We can predict the same thing even if it happened that the elections in Albania were won by an entity led by someone sanctioned by the USA. Which is unlikely to happen. And it shouldn't even happen, even if humanity goes astray; leaders who are conscious of the enormous benefits of close relations with the US must reject this shame. In Europe, anti-American or non-US parties are mostly partisans. It would be a disaster for Albania to be the first with a big one.  

"Everyone should carefully consider how they work with individuals designated by the US," the embassy statement continued.

Correct in formulation, but rounded in address, this sentence prompts one to ask: who are they with, to whom is this attention-grabbing or this warning directed?  

Can it be addressed to Prime Minister Edi Rama, who has conceived the bipartisan supercommission, without a clear concrete object, which, to make it functional, Berisha must have the agreement?

If they had it with the prime minister, I believe we would be more explicit. The US is the main supporter of SPAK. In fact, they are the guarantors that impunity in the higher spheres cannot be restored at the price of castration or the undoing of the new justice by the plural and solidary political caste.

It does not seem logical, it even sounds cynical to have it with Basha, who has been deprived of public support for two years or more. Despite the fact that he has led a political group that has carried Euro-Atlanticism as a compass.

There is no way they can have it with the DP deputies who made the merger with Berisha's Reestablishment a fact before it legally received the party's stamp. Without encountering any reaction, even advertising the silent blessing of American officials who are dealing with Albania, cooperation with them. Which has created conundrums and confusion in the opposition spectrum.  

We don't claim that the USA will play games and small tricks, or turn a blind eye to what the deputies of Albania are doing. It would be too much for their greatness. The unwavering priority support we give to SPAK and the new justice is at the height of the great services they have rendered to our nation over a century.  

President Biden's definition of the fight against corruption as a matter of national security for the United States has marked the perimeter of our security as a country allied with them.

It's too much to ask for more.

But when, fortunately, the US also deals with other issues of our daily political life, the expectations for clarity and addressing messages on their part are just as great. Precisely because of the weight involved.