Who turned off the protest?!

2024-02-21 21:28:23 / IDE NGA BESART LOGU

Who turned off the protest?!
It became the second or third national protest held by Re-establishment, where in terms of organization, holding and development, they look like DejaVu of the protests organized by Lulzim Basha. This is probably because the entire leadership team of that time has joined Berisha's movement, claiming the Reestablishment of the Democratic Party even though they are the same people.

One of the mistakes, intentionally or unintentionally, that the Democratic Party has made in terms of protests is the harshening of the rhetoric, which has led to increased expectations for the consequences that the protests will produce. And in their absence, the disappointment towards those who called the protest increases proportionately.

A desperate people is like a drowning person who clings to the wave in the hope that it will save them. The same thing happens with the opposition people when they talk about revolt or that Rama's days are numbered. Convinced that nothing will change from the previous protests, they encourage themselves that the wave will turn into a life jacket.

"Extinguishing the protests" first began to be articulated as an accusation during the period when the DP held the 2019 protests, when the parliamentary mandates were burned. It came from the voices of civil society, which are really nothing but segments of the government. The pre-political structure that undertakes missions which the SP as a party entity cannot fulfill. Propaganda that was prepared by the offices of the prime minister to hit the political opponent and that was publicly articulated by voices, claimed to be independent. Attacks with a scenario similar to that of Russian lobbying; smearing the opponent in order to defactor him.

The same accusations were received and re-articulated by Berisha during the three months of the Pulpit. Already turned into a political opponent of Lulzim Basha, he started the confrontation process by speaking to the DP leader in the language of Edi Rama. According to him, Lulzim Basha used to go to the door of the Prime Minister's Office and then pull the democrats away. And this was because he was sold to Rama. Accusation that also fits the narrative raised by him, "desperate - hostage - firefighter - beneficiary". Time showed that it was not good because "non grata" was clearly the will of the American institutions. The hostage was not because Russian lobbying bubbled up with McGonigal's conviction. The fireman was not there because Berisha is making the same protests. Not even a beneficiary emerged because he could not prove any assets or other benefits in the name of Lulzim Basha.

Anyway, apart from the thrown mud that time dried and Lulzim Basha removed with a shake of his jacket, no one spoke about the cancellation of yesterday's protest, or that of July 7! Not only the Re-establishment, which in this case is both the accuser and the accused, but surprisingly not even those independent voices of the civil society, together with the analysts, who were clamoring for the suppression of the protests and that the opposition does not convince. The double standards for the same phenomenon, that of extinguishing protests, is living proof of the captured and rotten system of the Bermuda Triangle.