Xhaçka's mandate is part of the Rama-Berisha deal

2024-04-11 21:06:52 / IDE NGA BATO KOSOVA

Xhaçka's mandate is part of the Rama-Berisha deal
Don't believe Gazi's crocodile tears that he has a facade. Xhaçka was part of the Berisha-Rama bazaar. The bargain is simple, let's keep and protect each other against SPAK.

Was it a coincidence that today, on the same day that Xhaçka's mandate was discussed, Gazrat challenges the USA, Britain and SPAK, wanting to reinstate Berisha in the DP group?!

No, it's part of the bargain.

They pretend to swear, they pretend to protest in the meantime, but they close the deal to keep the political system closed and to control SPAK.

He warned Flamur Noka and Fatmir Xhafa that they want to reform SPAK, to supervise the work of justice.

As has been seen so far, the more they pretend to fight, the more they cooperate to the detriment of Albania and Albanians.

After the hysteria of dinner, wait for the next shopping.

Haven't seen anything yet.


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