Keep it quiet, tourist!

2024-04-22 14:42:37 / IDE NGA FLUTURA AçKA

Keep it quiet, tourist!

In the arrival hall of the Albanian airport "Mother Teresa" in Rinas, the toilet does not work!!!

When I was waiting for my luggage in the waiting room of the "Mother Teresa" airport in Rinas, next to me I heard a foreigner who complained that he had gone to the toilet of the hall, but it was not working. He said this with a smile to his companions, one of whom said yes with a smile:

- Welcome to Albania!

- Keep it! - she threw the other one and laughed the loudest. (Hold!)

The tourist looking for the toilet came around and began to wait anxiously at the luggage exit. There was no reproach in the tone of their conversation, but I broke off and asked who was the boss in that hall. You weren't there and I had to explain why I loved him.

- Yes, I want to know why there is no toilet in this hall?

- Yes, there is out there, there is here, there is there, - one of the policemen explained to me, which seemed more important to me.

- But this is the lounge and passengers cannot go out without their luggage and they may be delayed.

- But let them keep it a little!

- But there are those who hold it and there are those who cannot! - I said.

- What can I say, it broke today.

- Do you know how much Albanians pay for this airport?

- I don't know, but I guess.

The luggage arrived in the meantime and the tourist who had "cut his urine" took his suitcase straight from the window and ran towards the exit.

Not having a toilet in an airport lounge is inhumane!
What about the 10 million poor tourists that we sold for months as our great victory!? I am not making comments, but listing the facts:

1. From 2010-2024, Albanians have paid over 700 million euros for the airport concessionaire

2. In 2022, the concessionaire has over 13 million euros in profit, almost three times more than the concessionaire's capital

3. From 2010-2024, the concessionaire has earned over 200 million euros at Rinas airport

4. In 2020, the concessionaire, which lasted until 2027, was given an additional 13 years

5. The concession will last until 2039

Don't you mean you closed them because you are rebuilding? Nowhere in the world does one work without first securing a living. And this is where WC comes in