"Spiragu oil like Balle Kazan brandy"

2024-04-12 21:21:37 / IDE NGA LUTFI DERVISHI

"Spiragu oil like Balle Kazan brandy"
If we were not living witnesses of these times, the subject of this article would probably seem like a fictional scene taken directly from a comedy movie.

It all started when from the mouth of the prime minister we heard what until that moment we had encountered only in the confessions of charlatans whose eyes have turned into detectors for things that exist only in their minds.

There were not a few who were amazed when they heard the news that would change entire human lives: Shpiragu was full of black gold. Oil! Not oil anyway, the fantasy went further: First quality oil, front of the boiler!

The Prime Minister and Minister came out with fanfare to announce that Albania would soon be so flush with money that it would need a sovereign fund to manage all the revenue.

But as in every beautiful fairy tale, there comes a turning point when reality forces you to wake up.

After spending a modest 600 million dollars in research, Shell announces that the result is... almost the same as what you get when you look for the coin that fell in the "crack" of the sofa.

Absolutely, everyone would like the results not to be like this and at the same time that the headlines don't treat people like they are a laboratory where they experiment with their dreams bordering on lies.

In an ideal world, this story would serve as a valuable lesson for the government: Not all that glitters is (black) gold and… modern fairy tale heroes should be a little more careful with campaign promises that sound like “open Sesame".

It is good that they often open the book of proverbs and read: "Fish in the sea, pan in the fire!", or "Better one bird in the hand than 100 flying!".

The Prime Minister, who had heralded a new era of prosperity thanks to Shpirag, will now have to be ready for another volume of confessions.

If the decade of Sude and Xhaferri will continue to be extended indefinitely, then another "Spirag" will appear.

They don't say for nothing: God throws you with one hand and cuts you with the other. A new discovery is expected this time not only to change the fate of the country, but also of the whole region and the world: It is hydrogen in Bulqiza.

This city remains known more for poverty and casualties than for its murderous wealth, where on one side the rich count the chrome wagons, the poor count the coffins of the victims.

However, after the failure in Shpirag, the government with an empty spoon in its belt has ready plans to declare Bulqiza as the "New Kuwait" of the Balkans.

"See, it doesn't matter that we didn't find oil in Shpirag; we have now - H2 in Bulqiza!" one can imagine the bespectacled Prime Minister saying, giving an unexpected twist to the events that strangely happen before the election.

"Hydrogen is the future, and Albania will be the leader of this green revolution. Hydrogen is not only easy, but it is clean. So clean that people in this country will not breathe oxygen (O2), but hydrogen ( H2)".

While the skeptics (who have never been absent from this country), say that Bulqiza is the next episode in the endless series of "Gastor Theater", some are convinced that this time the government is right.

Is Hydrogen in Bulqiza the salvation everyone has been waiting for, or just another illusion in the government's varied repertoire?

Only one thing is certain: In this theater of entertainment, no one can say that they didn't have fun and they want to have fun, since the only solution left to digest this reality is to laugh!