On the 4th anniversary of the collapse/ Destruction of the Theater, or "When the third roosters crowed"

2024-05-17 20:09:36 / IDE NGA NAMIR LAPARDHAJA

On the 4th anniversary of the collapse/ Destruction of the Theater, or
The monstrosity of the demolition of the National Theater reminded me of the story "When the third rooster crowed" by Agron Tufa. Their song symbolizes the time of deepest sleep. In the middle of the night and still not dawn. Murders and crimes were committed by the dictatorship at this moment. While everyone slept to let the dictatorship flourish, some "roosters" crow and have a voice against it.

In the story, it is narrated that the firing squad came to the cell to take and take 12 convicts to the execution. They are innocent. None are spared. Not even the priest, who can't even say the last vow, because bullets are faster than words. The executioner grabs him by the collar and says: "I have nothing personal with you, Father.

It is simply a matter of duty…” Yesterday they were doing their duty by killing innocent people, today they are doing the same by destroying our common heritage and identity. It seems like we are in the same conditions. Time has passed, the mindset has not. They don't physically execute you at the end of the night, but they kill you in other ways.

The whole country seems to have fallen under the rule of a single man, who has the power and the machinery to do everything. Similar to the story, the first to be executed are the resistance fighters of the Theater, then it will be everyone else's turn. No difference. Who sooner and who later. But it will come. Then it will be too late.

At this time, there is no point in holding the opposition accountable. That would be myopic. Do not ask what she is doing, but do something concrete yourself, to shorten the days of this regime. The opposition will give an account for its words and promises when it is in power. Today, the government must give an account and everything must be done to come out to the opposition.

The resistance for the theater had a symbolic value. The struggle and resistance cannot and must not end there. It is a battle that will mark how our future dawns will be. They will be dark, with the mark of murders and executions at night, or they will be with the signs of morning calm.

Everyone will decide for themselves about the future. There can be no excuse. This government is showing that it is capable of doing everything. The day will not be far when they will try to enter our homes. If no action is taken today, then it will be too late.

May 17, 2020