A DP united around a hopeless leader is worse than a divided DP

2024-06-24 20:18:44 / IDE NGA MERO BAZE

A DP united around a hopeless leader is worse than a divided DP
In an online speech for the remaining Presidency of the DP, Berisha clarified that Edi Rama is in power because of the opposition. And here he listed as the main three-year struggle for the logo and the seal.

After that, now that he calls PD "united", he says that he no longer has an alibi for losing to Edi Rama.

In fact, it's not like he's saying anything that his opponents haven't said. 

The truth is that the opposition has made it easy for Edi Rama to gain power, being divided and hopeless, but the cause of the division and lack of hope is Sali Berisha.

He is the author of the division of the opposition, because only because of him, after he was declared "non grata", the DP was divided and went into extreme fighting, only because of him. If he had not used the DP as a shield before the USA and Great Britain, the DP would not only be united, but also full of hope to win.

On the other hand, a DP united with Berisha at the head is worse and more hopeless than a DP divided into two parts. Since a DP divided into two parts at least has a pole of hope. A DP united around a hopeless leader is worse than a divided DP.

And the lack of hope in Berisha's PD is more long-term than Berisha's, since he is making it clear that he will leave the party to his children, also "non grata", and also depressing for the electorate. Of course, the PD will melt there, but he will do his duty to the end.

His attempt to make the responsibility of the next defeat collective from now on is one of his class tricks.

The opposition has regularly lost to Edi Rama while being united, and even being in a broad coalition until the last elections in 2021. Now that Berisha claims to have united the DP, the allies and the DP have been shattered in the meantime. 

Since the merger did not actually happen, but only the deputies who wanted a place on the list joined, the DP is neither united nor hopeful.

The only way to unite is the cause of the division, so Sali Berisha should not be at the head of it. And even more so, the only way to raise hope is for that party to have nothing to do with either Sali Berisha or his children. Sali Berisha has the power to do both of these things, but he doesn't do them alone. What he is doing is to blame the disaster that comes to the DP on others.

And then he says that Edi Rama is staying in power because of the weakness of the opposition. 

No! I live in Sali Berisha.

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