One eats plums, another eats figs behind his back!

2024-04-08 10:01:10 / IDE NGA ERMAL PEçI!

One eats plums, another eats figs behind his back!

SPAK is one of the institutions which, step by step, is restoring Albanians' faith in justice. Not only is it restoring faith in justice, but already the political thieves, faced with a situation where they have no power and the arrests of their collaborators, have already started the war among themselves.

In all this media propaganda that Veliaj tries to create to justify himself, nothing saves him from what he has created. A municipality with directors, who were competing to steal the most. The golden rule that is discussed at every table, which is said that in the municipality or government, you cannot close a job without giving 20% ​​to the close group of Veliaj, they didn't even count it.

20% was not enough for them, that's why they created their own companies to get every penny of the municipality of Tirana. Only thanks to SPAK, the citizens found out the truth of what was being propagated in the media everywhere with colors and achievements. Propaganda accompanying him and well-known artists and singers, who in return received a concert in "Skënderbej Square".

The 10-minute speech that Veliaj gave yesterday on his social network, Facebook, was not only a way to justify himself in front of the citizens, but it was an open message of threat to Edi Rama.

He spoke in his own words, he tried his best to include Rama's narrative in the truth that SPAK revealed to him, not only that, but he also reminded him of the story with Ahmetaj, which Rama was unaware of. He spoke in codes to blackmail his rivals in the SP, but also Rama himself, but he did not forget to show his teeth to SPAK, the institution, which brought down the beautiful tale of a working man and not a thief.

The war within the Socialist Party has now begun to appear in the media because it had been circulating in the underground world for some time, a battle which has started in every instance between the heavyweights of leftist politics. Regardless of what is happening in Albanian politics, one thing is quite clear, the institution which is to be supported by Albanians is called SPAK.

Regarding Rama and Veliaj and the media excuses, one thing is certain, that the Prime Minister's friends eat plums behind his back, while this one from the municipality eats figs behind his back.

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