No Drama!

2024-07-10 20:16:43 / IDE NGA SIDI HASANAJ

No Drama!
Enkelejd Alibeaj decided to part ways with Lulzim Basha.

I want to be brief, Enkelejd Alibeaj is characterized by several elements:

strong character,

A man who does not compromise with his ideas and convictions,

Honesty and in my humble judgment, He is a man and a politician with very strong Ratio/logic.

Of course, there are also many flaws, like everyone of us.

But I tell you something honestly, even though I, as Sidi, did what I had in my hand so that Alibeaj and Basha did not separate, today I coldly judge that it was better that they separated.

The climate in the team had become stressful for the strategy against Berisha!

Whoever from the chorus of crows who joined Berisha rubs his hands today is wrong!

Alibeaj broke up with Basha, for his soft attitude towards Berisha, demands even more war against Sali Berisha, even more distancing and cutting off communication with Berisha and anyone who is close to him, even "as a different opinion".

What is under the shadow of Berisha, should be despised, should be despised and is a disease to the right. - I am paraphrasing Enkeljdi (apologising).

The crows who wanted and want to justify their humility and joining Berisha with "Lulzim Basha is to blame", must understand that they are completely out of touch with reality!

I have seen Basha and Enkelejd in moments of political calm, outside the cameras and party halls (like the photo in question) and I know how much friendship they had.

None of these rubbing hands today has 1/100th of Enkleid's cognitive function, none has the ability to recognize someone with Enkleid's insight.

If it was for Basha as a person, the division would never have been done... just like the contempt for political caterpillars like Gazi, Jorida and their friends under the balcony of the communist with new towers every 8 months!

There are 2 lanes of speed and strategy of the battle with "Berishism" of which Edi Rama is a part.

Time will tell who is right in his strategy, because I am sure that the "DP of Berisha" has only one end: political disappearance and confrontation in prison and at the doors of the courts!

To all my friends, I call you:

To think otherwise is wealth, idolatry is primitivism. They are all people who traveled together, some think they have a more aggressive strategy towards Berisha, some think a more calculated strategy.

But everyone's destination (I believe and hope) is the destruction of Berishism, as the only way to create the formation that will remove Rama and close the transition in the country!


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