The incompetence of the Democrats waiting for Sali Berisha to descend from the balcony!

2024-06-22 14:06:45 / IDE NGA ERSID KARAJ

The incompetence of the Democrats waiting for Sali Berisha to descend from the

Taking a simple and cold judgment, I start the analysis with some questions: 

- Why are his sympathizers so strongly behind Sali Berisha!?

- What role does Sali Berisha play today in reviving the Democratic Party from the precipice where it has sunk?

- Why are his Berishists so incapable of rebuilding this party even without him?

- Who is Sali Berisha today, in front of the people, justice and internationals? - etc...

- Now, the issue is, given that after the legal stamp that Sali Berisha and his Democrats won, what will they do from now on?! 

Even if this grouping in the 2025 elections will reunite the votes with Ilir Meta, challenging Edi Rama, this result was seen in the local elections of 2023, how scandalous it turned out.

The seal was not a matter of pride. The Democratic Party is a matter of vision and hope to orient that majority of people who have voted for the opposition in the right direction to be swept away with inspiration and clear ideas in the coming elections. 

- Let's assume that Mr. Basha will not even win the appeal in the Supreme Court and will see a different orientation to run in the elections. Now the biggest opposition party in Albania, the democrats on the side of Berisha, will leave "count in place"? 

We all know that Rama won the elections with the Berisha-Meta alliance (We win together). And with Berishism within the DP, as well as with Meta, as well as separately, they are delinquent.

Who answers the questions posed above?