DP has received the seal and lost hope

2024-06-12 22:12:26 / IDE NGA MERO BAZE


After the first enthusiasm for receiving the seal, the people of Berisha have increased their appetite. They are trying to spread the opinion everywhere, that the Americans gave them the seal, that they saw that Berisha was an important opposition factor. They even connect this with the ridiculous trip to Gazmend Bardhi's "Morning of Prayers" with Fatmir Mediu and the return of Bardhi's deputies to Berisha's constituency.

I don't know why they need the Americans behind the seal, as they continue to have the battle with the US at the top of their agenda. But it seems that the Berishes' image of the USA is the same as the image they have of the MPs who have bowed to their ear, that you should humiliate them and they should serve you.

The USA, of course, has not interfered in matters of justice and especially in the seal dispute between the two groups in DP, since they do not have any objective to have their own party in Albania. They are clear about their policy of supporting political parties. For them, they are all the same, except for those who have declared "non grata".

Now the DP has the president "non grata" and the successor on the list, Argita, yes "non grata". As you can see, she is already behaving like the president of the Democratic Party, as she gives directives on who they will accept now that they have received the seal, who they will not accept, who they will join, who they will split with, etc. 

To say that the USA gave the seal to a family that declared it "non grata" is a serious accusation against the DP, not the USA, since it seems that the USA wanted to bury the DP, so that it would not raise its head again.

But luckily the US is not involved in this work, but the need to hide Berisha's bargains for the seal apparently went all the way to the US, to create a fog so as not to expose his bargains with the judges.

If you look at his rhetoric, how he speaks after the seal trial, he refers to his "battle" in the alley as the reason for the victory, so he admits in a way that the pressure of the political battle defeated justice. If this were true, it would be an even bigger scandal, but in the alley where 30 people gather every day, there is no reason for political pressure. Even the failure of the alley has brought the need for shopping.

However, Berisha speaks unconsciously and does not speak of a decision based on justice, but of a decision based on his struggle. And his struggle is known.

Some judges he curses and curses, when he is not under control, others he praises when they give him the seal of bargains.

The problem of PD is that it has lost the chance to change and transform, and not that it has gained the chance to have Berisha's seal. Berisha has ruled that party with and without a seal, when he was the formal chairman and when he was not. The problem is how to have a PD without Berisha, because we have had a PD with Berisha for 34 years and no one needs it anymore, except Berisha.

It is not necessary for those who tried to go to Berisha to get a deputy mandate on the list in the hope that the stamp would not come and they look important. Now they are the most suspicious part for Berisha within PD. They are simply used and unnecessary.

A DP with Berisha does not need his allies, especially Ilir Meta, who until now was important because Berisha did not have a stamp and he lent it to him in every election, consolidating the coalition with him.

Now he is in danger of disappearing, as the election law imposes competition without coalitions, and he is no longer useful to Berisha.

A DP with Berisha is only interested in small new parties, including Lulzim Basha, if he creates his own party, to wage a public battle against Berishism in Albanian politics and dictate the future of the opposition. 

A PD with Berisha is not a winning party. He is simply a bodyguard of Sali Berisha until his physical death. And by then they all have their rations, a bowl of soup, and a bayonet to protect their great dead.

In vain they try to pretend to rejoice at having received the seal. They have lost with or without a seal, divided and united, with a coalition and without a coalition, and the main reason is Sali Berisha. What they are happy about is actually their biggest problem. 

But the problems are not solved by people who want a place on the list or a deputy's salary. Problems are solved by those who know how to be themselves and make their own history. We cannot ask this from Berisha's soldiers. They can only battle for items. And the item in this case is the seal. 


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