Gazment Bardhi's numerous and meaningless regrets

2024-04-11 18:50:21 / IDE NGA ERVIS ILJAZAJ

Gazment Bardhi's numerous and meaningless regrets
After more than two years, it seems as if Gazment Bardhi has regretted his suspension from the parliamentary group of Sali Berisha's Democratic Party. Today, through a request addressed to the Speaker of the Assembly, Lindita Nikolë requested that Berisha be reinstated as a member of the group. In this way, it is going against the American and British decisions that have declared Berisha non-grata, underestimating such important geopolitical decisions of governments allied with Albania.

In fact, this is not the first time that Mr. Bardhi has regretted his political actions in recent years. His repentances have been numerous and politically meaningless for the sake of truth. Political divisions that have never been seen in 34 years of the Albanian transition. In this regard, Gazment Bardhi is introducing another school in the Albanian political culture, unseen and unheard of before, which does not know what outcome it will have, but which does not exist in any manual of political science and political history .

Within a relatively short political time, he once considered Lulzim Basha as an exceptional leader, then as a politician who betrayed the cause of the opposition. He also considered Sali Berisha a very short time ago as a great evil of the Democratic Party, then as a great opposition leader. It has even been publicly stated that if Berisha becomes head of the DP, he will no longer be part of it. Today, he is the Vice-Chairman of Sali Berisha's Democratic Party.

For two years in a row, he has maintained the public and legal position that the Assembly called by the Reestablishment on December 11 was illegitimate. While today, he thinks that part of the Democratic Party is the legitimate party and deserves the stamp of the DP. At the same time, he claims to be the General Secretary of Luzlim Basha's PD and the Vice-President of Sali Berisha. Once it is internationally, where the alliance with the USA and Britain are strategic, then it becomes sovereign and legitimizes every political action of Berisha, which Albania's main allies have declared non-grata.

You can find dozens like these at Gazment Bardhi endlessly in these two years of his political action. It's like saying a record in Albanian politics. A more unique than rare case. The biggest problem is not political ambivalence and many regrets. The biggest problem is why he wasted the Democrats' time for two years in a row and became part of the opposition's disunity and chaos, as it is today.

Gazment Bardhi has come to the decisions of Flamur Noka, Albana Vokshi, or Klevis Balli two years later. Vokshi, Noka and Balliu showed a higher political intelligence and intuition than Mr. Bardhi, since they had these attitudes from the beginning and how they have changed. You agree or you are with them, at least they are coherent political positions that time proved right. And all the others, starting from Gazment Bardhi and the deputies who follow him, came to those attitudes very late.

Of course, in politics you can change your position, but the consequences of your positions have a direct impact on people's lives. Therefore, what keeps political action alive is the responsibility you have towards people. Apparently, in Albanian politics, no one takes responsibility for what they do and what they say. You can say anything, you can act differently from what you thought and held a position, and you can still have the thought that you will succeed. But actually this is just an illusion. In politics you rarely, very rarely, get a second chance to make a first impression.

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