For those who want to pump "leaders" in the opposition, from the screens of the oligarchs!

2024-04-22 17:46:03 / IDE NGA BATO KOSOVA

For those who want to pump "leaders" in the opposition, from the
There is an effort in the ranks of the media, mainly that connected to the oligarchy and to segments of the SP power, to pump up and create opposition leaders, who, apart from interviews and media appearances, have no other connection, either with the party, whether with the people.

In addition, the entire long conflict in DP showed that this political party is divided into two groups, which are not static, but time has changed and continues to change, between Berisha and Basha.

Basha's withdrawal for a while showed that no one can replace his place in DP.

So, the DP without Basha could even merge, but not regroup behind another person, just like what happens with "Re-establishment", which has Berisha as its strongest point, but at the same time it also has a weak point.

His very absence in the meetings has caused them to shrink into small handfuls of militants. Thus, they will continue to shrink even further, leaving it in a small quagmire in the 2025 elections.

So, neither the television, nor the pumping of the oligarchs' media, nor certain segments of power make you a leader.

All those who wanted to become leaders, for a period of almost a year and a half, had the best time to open a new path, neither with Berisha nor with Basha, their opportunity to go and talk with the democrats. They were in the highest positions of the DP after that of the retired chairman and had the golden opportunity not only to "take over" the party, but also to become leaders.

None of them did!

Neither Bardhi, nor Tabaku, nor Salianji, nor anyone else did it.

On the contrary, instead of standing behind Basha's return to contest and defeat him with their project of "unification" with the Doctor, they went and entered Berisha's armpit, becoming part of an illegitimate and anti-Western group, designed "non grata" for major corruption and undermining of democracy. Even in what they did, they did not show leadership but slyness, since the "unification" is done by tricks under the rug and by deceiving the democrats who did not join Foltores from the beginning.

Now they are there with the hope that after the Doctor's departure, they will inherit the party. And which party, that of "Dad of Zen", of Flag "with a 700 thousand euro villa" and all those who were invested there from the beginning, even against the USA.

In fact, as they seem, in the end when they no longer need it for the Family, they will inherit some kicks in the butt, as Noka promised Bardhi, when they collided two years ago in the corridors of SQUP.

So every media or sponsored effort to create leaders from the TV screen is nothing but serving the power of Edi Rama and prolonging the agony of the opposition.

Leaders are not created by television, but by the ground.

None of them organize meetings in the field without first obtaining the permission of Chief Muli./