For Euro-Atlantic principles!

2024-06-13 09:41:15 / IDE NGA EDLIRA DEVOLLI

For Euro-Atlantic principles!

I belong to those people who do not comment on the decisions of the courts, nor the lives of the judges and the connections they have, however they give the decision.

I belong to those people who think and say openly that the former security of the communist state continues to lead and direct with extended tentacles everywhere.

As I think that facing these people is not easy because they have been in command for 80 years, but I can never be part of or support them. This is because I belong to an anti-communist family in gens, with people shot with trials and without trials.

I am part of those who have not seen what post belongs to me in the party for what contribution I have made. I have seen my political engagement as a contribution to the real values ​​of democracy and citizenship.

Today we find ourselves dressed in the costume designed by Katovica. The persecuted, exploited and not supported. Owners without properties with the "nickname" former owner. Files that won't open, missing that won't show.

If I were to say that I expected this decision from the Court of Appeal, I would not be telling the truth. But knowing what I mentioned above, I would be lying if I said that it hadn't crossed my mind.

The bells started ringing with the annulment of the electoral reform and the group leader bazaar - a merger of votes for amnesty.

Of course, the all-powerful of these years would unite against Lulzim Basha's vision of decommunization, vetting in politics, open lists, investment and strengthening for the family and educational institutions, attention to the middle class of society, recognition of owners and appreciation for the former politically persecuted.

All of these strengthen the country and society, and the demands for justice and democracy necessarily increase and, as a result, bring about the displacement from the political scene of the old establishment.

Is it simple to deport them who have worked so hard for this people for so many years?!
It's not simple, but it's not impossible either.

We stood together for these values, for these causes. We did not stay to give work chairs to some MPs who waver on Berisha non grata (the reason for the separation) and on Euro-Atlantic values.

We stood and are in order to complete the agenda for decommunization, vetting in politics, the end of impunity and appreciation for all layers of society.
This is not hindered by the party's name or logo, this is the vision and mission to keep together and move forward with a real Euro-Atlantic party.

Lulzim Basha and the central structures of DP should not lose a single day of time in making the final decision in the created conditions. Many options are floating around.
As part of the democrats who love Albania in Europe and Albania next to America, I am for the establishment of a new political organization, with a contemporary program and mentality.

Happening now...