Why Berisha needs the street party, under the logo of Ilir Meta

2024-02-25 21:28:21 / POLITIKË NGA MERO BAZE

Why Berisha needs the street party, under the logo of Ilir Meta

After the announcement of the merger and the protest of February 20, the problem Berisha's party faces is the issue of party registration and the creation of a new party that is normally identified with Berisha. 

Newcomers to Berisha in the name of "unification" have this vital. In addition to wanting to know their place in the party they have joined, they also want to be sure what will happen to their future in relation to Berisha. 

But this is an issue that Berisha will not solve. If he wanted to, he could have solved it in time. 

Berisha is not interested in a new, registered party that is a new political entity. He has been floating his group underground for two years to be victimized on the one hand and to stay under Ilir Meta's logo on the other hand, since practically he is his real ally, with the same objective and the same guarantee of loyalty.  

Since both prioritize the battle against justice and the confrontation with the West, Berisha has a vital need for an alliance with him, and the only way to secure it is to stay under his logo. 

While we speak, Berisha has passed two pairs of elections under Ilir Meta's logo, those of March 6 and the local elections in 2023. 

Right now, when the new local elections in Albania come, the opposition party that receives the commissioners and financial funds is the party of Ilir Meta. She will take all the funds of the opposition and all its commissioners. 

While Berisha pretends to curse Lulzim Basha for taking the party's seal and funds from him, he himself is re-gifting the party's funds and seal together with future commissioners Ilir Meta. 

So, he accuses one of them as a confidant of having taken his seal and funds, the other is offering it perhaps without asking, giving him the opportunity to take all the benefits of his political strength, thus holding his rebels hostage. 

With this act, Berisha practically merged his party formally within Ilir Meta's party, as the only way for him to swim in the legal illegitimacy he created himself. 

A new party with a new logo and new arrivals who are not too friendly with Berisha, would impose a new chairman and at least a new debate whether we know Berisha as chairman or not. 

Berisha does not have the nerve to endure this debate. He knows that a legitimate party with logo stamp and legal president Berisha is almost a terrorist organization in Albania and does not work for anyone.  

He needs a party on the street to cheer for his plight and when the elections come to go under the seal of Ilir Meta and vote.

When they lose, it is the fault of Lulzim Basha who took the seal from them and not this other one who they gave to him. 

After a year in the parliamentary elections, we will have a completely different reality.

We will have Ilir Meta's party with all the powers of the largest opposition party, with commissioners, money and stamp and Basha's party as a second opposition party.  

Until then, those who went to join Berisha should be sobered up that they have formally joined Meta, while those who curse Basha for taking their seal, it is better to ask for him, the money and the commissioners from Ilir Meta.

In practice, Berisha has designated him as a legal successor. That he has appointed Argita as a spiritual successor. 



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