Shpiragu, the government and old fashioned qatips

2024-04-15 19:28:08 / IDE NGA KLODIAN TOMORRI

Shpiragu, the government and old fashioned qatips
An anecdote is circulating, which, although it seems banal at first glance, has a significant fable. The child asks his father one day; what is the difference between theory and practice? At first the father did not know how to explain the change to his son, but then an idea came to him.

"Look - he told his son - go ask your mother and sister once if they would sleep with someone for 1 million dollars." After asking them, the boy returns again. "I asked dad. Both answered yes," says the boy.

"This is the difference - the son returns the father -. Theoretically we have 2 million dollars as a family, but practically we have two …. in home"

In an attempt to refute the news that the discovery of oil in Shpirag failed, the Ministry of Energy told the Albanians this Monday a similar anecdote. In general, the ministry's statement was this; "Oil has been discovered in Shpirag. But now we need to discover the technology to extract the oil.

In short, theoretically, Albania has discovered oil. Practically, there is a prime minister and a deputy prime minister, who are showing off sovereign funds and rivers of money, which the state budget cannot afford. This was for the part of the cynical misinformers, who, according to the Ministry of Energy, try to make party politics in this process of national interest. Now the details.

In the statement, the ministry explicitly says "We are now at the stage where it is scientifically proven and documented, the discovery of a significant deposit of 225 million barrels of oil reserves, as well as a significant gas reserve in the Shpirag underground."

First, the term "deposit" does not exist in the research industry. There is a deposit with reserves, but no deposit with reserves. And this is not a slip or mistake from ignorance. The sentence has gone deliberately like that to refute without refuting.

Second, the phrase "225 million barrels of oil reserves" also does not indicate anything. After the reserve word there must be another determiner. Potential reserve, recoverable reserve, proven reserve, possible reserve, geological reserve, etc. All these are very different concepts from each other.

For example, the Patos-Marinza field has a geological reserve of almost 8 billion barrels of oil, or about 40 times more than the "big" discovery of Shpirag, which would impact Europe. But of this, the recoverable reserve is less than 200 million barrels.

Thirdly, the government and the Ministry of Energy find it very easy to refute cynical misinformers, without having to make statements with amateurish blunders. It is enough to tell us how much money the Sovereign Fund of Shpirag has collected so far and how much it is expected to collect next year. Of these, how much money will be given to increase pensions and how much to impact education, health, children's well-being and so on, as the Prime Minister and the Minister of Energy have said. It's that simple.

In the end, a word about the government's media tycoons. Eating government bread is so embarrassing. But licking things other than the crust is torture. Then let me try to play Moxart, when you have learned the clarinet by ear. "Well-write offs" are not easy jobs.


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