Enjoy Edi Rama, now also the mayor of Albania!

2024-07-10 12:06:49 / IDE NGA BETI NJUMA

Enjoy Edi Rama, now also the mayor of Albania!

A week after making 41 decisions, the KKTU met again yesterday in its next meeting to approve new building permits across the country. God knows how much and what he will approve! Every week KKTU meeting, so it is not for nothing that it is said that 150 new jobs have been opened in AZHT.

The decision for some changes and additions to VKM 408, which came into force a few days ago, has caused that now, almost all the powers of permits of the Municipalities pass into the hands of this Council and its leader Edi Rama. 

Every week thousands of square meters of construction resorts, residences, complexes and high-rise towers are now officially in the hands of the Prime Minister. 

So, with a government decision, Albania now has its own Mayor. Yes, yes, the Mayor, who in his free time, when there are no podcasts, visited privately built agrotourisms, some road inauguration that is not yet finished but that he will cut the ribbon for propaganda, and who makes the Prime Minister, the office for which he was voted and is paid by the Albanians.

Let's make the Mayor of Albania happy!

General Local Plans keep us alive. Millions and millions of lek paid from the state budget for their design throughout Albania and the physical time spent by the specialists who worked with them.

All these investments are thrown into the bin with one firm. Just as a city like Tirana is being thrown into the trash, why not the whole of Albania.

Architecture is a very dangerous business and cannot be left in the hands of a man who, when he was "de facto" and "de jure" mayor, destroyed it with the constructions he approved. It is enough to remember the neighborhood of the Paris Commune. It is the masterpiece of Edi Rama as mayor. The rest is poorly made make up.  

Renzo Piano, the world-famous Italian architect and winner of the Pritzke Prize in Architecture in 1998, explains the impact of architecture on the development of a country and people's lives as follows: "If an author writes a bad book, people don't read it anymore." .

But a bad architecture imposes itself on the country with about a hundred years of ugliness. "Architecture is not like a policy, law or regulation that even if it is done badly, you understand and correct or cancel it. Bad architecture is no longer undone and this is the greatest danger, apart from many others, that this man threatens us with.

Therefore, for important works, the opinions of professionals are sought and General Local Plans are made that, even though they may have objections, still give the city a controlled development to some extent.

It is not for nothing that several parameters such as floors, intensity and construction coefficient are set there. Now, the de facto head of the Municipality of Tirana has been filling the capital with towers for years, and if they are ever populated, I highly doubt that this will happen, it will bring an urban disaster to the areas where they will be built.

Imagine a tower that is built in an already consolidated area and will add to that area 5000 thousand inhabitants and 1000 cars that will pass through the same narrow streets every day, will be supplied by the same water pipe, will they serve the same sewers.

Think that the children of these families will be educated in the same school that existed 20-30 or 40 years ago. Before giving the terrible permits for towers on narrow roads like Kavaja street, to the center, to Construction Engineering, to Dritan Hoxha street and so on, the Prime Minister should take into account that in any normal city the towers are built in spaces new and not in consolidated areas where it is no longer possible to expand or add a new road.

So we, our children and many generations to come, will see and live, if they are still human, in the architectural ugliness and arrogance imposed by only one man, the Mayor of Albania.

Enjoy Edi Rama, now also the mayor of Albania!

Enjoy Edi Rama, now also the mayor of Albania!

Enjoy Edi Rama, now also the mayor of Albania!

Enjoy Edi Rama, now also the mayor of Albania!