"Eating your heads" is taking the lives of our policemen!

2024-05-15 07:56:24 / IDE NGA ERMAL PEçI

"Eating your heads" is taking the lives of our policemen!

Exalted, almost in ecstasy, the speeches continue in a row about the arrival of Rama in the middle of Athens, I will return to this issue again if the serious event in Fier had not happened.

A few years ago, the analysts and government officials were equally exalted when Rama mentioned the expression to eat the heads in the show.
Well, it seems that what the country's cannabis production produces is not only "eaten heads" from the clash of gangs, but also a change in the social structure.

Social structure of the society that was deformed since the time of cannabisization of the country, where the people of the underworld but also the entire structure of the State Police cooperated, how and who filled the land of Albania with the green leaf.

This leaf which made the connections that we have been made known to us by the internationals where in the Metamorfoza file, the chief of operations and a number of police chiefs collaborate with crime and participate in murder. This reality has now spread to every cell of the State Police where, through political power, the bosses serve as vote bases and the police officers feel abandoned.

As if this painful reality were not enough, the State Police could not even implement in the best way the Swedish project where 90 million euros were invested to establish the Community Police which would enable the bridges of connection between the community and the police but also to highlight and keep under observation persons who have a criminal past, or come from criminal families and are identified as persons with deviant behavior in society.

Killing a police officer is killing the state. Regardless of how the event happened and in what bloodthirsty situation it was acted, our country was killed there and each one of us who is looking for security and peace in this country and to build his life without being forced to emigrate was killed.

It is worrying that recently there have been a series of events in which attempts have been made to kill police officers. For just the last two months, we have the student of the Police Academy who escaped when 32 Kalashnikov bullets were fired at the car where he was present, we again have the event in Shkodër where a police officer was stabbed in the neck and thanks to God he survived and we come to the event tragic event in Fier where an active member of the Shqiponja forces lost his life.

The question arises, where do they find the strength to attack the Albanian state, where does the strength for disobeying the law come from? But not only that, Albanian politicians should be careful how they conceive the state. As long as you take criminals with you and dress them in costumes, make them leaders of cities, delegate power and tender to you, just like Rama did.

They will have the example in front of their eyes of how even though you are a criminal, you climb the stairs in front of someone who studies and respects the law. Therefore, politicians and in this case Prime Minister Rama should be careful in what he says because his expression is killing heads, it seems that the police are being killed by the arrogance that crime has gained.

Happening now...