To exchange prisoners with Bylykbashi

2024-02-23 21:45:39 / IDE NGA MERO BAZE

To exchange prisoners with Bylykbashi
I don't know why Mond Spaho was spared the condition he put on the socialists to approve the criminal amnesty. According to what has been made public, he asked the co-chairman of the Electoral Reform Commission.

As we all know, the post of co-chairman is procedural and one belongs to the official opposition group. So basically the debate is a legal procedure and not a political one.

For legal procedure, he would rather request the release of Sali Berisha in a free state and not in the house. Edi Rama does not know how to convince the court that Berisha should be free, but it is easier to do it with amnesty. Even this is easier than convincing the court that Lulzim Basha is not the president of the DP, but Sali Berisha. As Mond Spaho loves it.

In the meantime, other problems may come up on the road and he may put them as a condition to vote for amnesty.

Amnesty is not a problem for socialists. At least it is a problem of socialists. Amnesty is a social problem, and votes for it can also be united through conditions, but conditions related to amnesty.

The word comes, DP brought a draft of amendments that required things within the amnesty. Reestablishment can officially do the same.

But to turn into a national problem why Bylykbashi is not the co-chairman, according to the law, but Alibeaj and to condition every political debate on him, means treating yourself exactly like a loser.

The socialists are so slow about the amnesty work that they would rather it not be done, that from time to time they say to those who are kept in prison that we wanted to release them, but this Mond Spaho will make Bylykbashi mayor , while this other one will not be prayed on January 8 with a quince in hand.

So the socialists see the amnesty as an opportunity to trivialize the political positions of the opponent. And it is not good to put conditions on an initiative that is not their problem.

You can catch them tight when they want to change any Code or law for electoral interests, but not for an amnesty.

A debate like this shows how prepared opponents of amnesty are to oppose it. That the amnesty is opposed for the breadth of the pardon, for the quality of the pardon or for the red lines that can be violated.

Prisoners are not exchanged with Bylykbashi. That he and so in prison is where he is. Plus they added Gaz Bardhi to the cell.



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