The masters of work have arrived

2024-05-26 22:49:29 / IDE NGA PREç ZOGAJ

The masters of work have arrived
The last report of the head of SPAK, Altin Dumani, to the Parliamentary Commission of Laws is a meaningful picture of the architecture of the parliamentary Republic. Where legislative power rests on top. Other powers are accountable there. This is the hierarchy. Another thing is that the deputies of the closed lists are not at the height of the templars of democracy.

The reporting in question was just a picture of the new stage of consolidation of SPAK; of the security of non-return. What can be said with full mouth about the investigations completed or in process by this institution is that the masters of work have come, are working, are moving forward without your ears growing from the many praises, deaf to the sirens of the old politics , aware of the challenges and the mission of eradicating crime and multi-year corruption in the system, sensitive and responsible for the great popular and international expectations and support.

Chairman Altin Domani embodies these qualities as the first among equals, but also as an example to follow. In his dignified, correct and ethical appearance before the deputies, we saw his personal integrity and the face of the whole team of SPAK prosecutors merged into one; we saw the clear reflection of the major American power that stands firmly in support of the new justice in general and SPAK of BKH in particular. Albanians who are waiting for the end of the jungle and impunity in the country like scarce water want this: a SPAK as a single body; a BKH as a single body. An America that never misses a moment of promise.

To return to reporting, the opposition MPs received institutional answers to their questions. Even though they may not have convinced them. The majority MPs also, where the answer to the question of whether there was a need for new legal interventions regarding the operation of SPAK and its independence stood out. A question that echoed the voices, trials or "initiatives" discussed in the government majority environment to intervene in the justice reform, ostensibly to make it better, in reality to stop SPAK's push, " Republic of Prosecutors", as expressed pejoratively by Prime Minister Rama. All this while calculating the "spirit of consensus" with the Reestablishment group.

"SPAK prosecutors are independent and feel independent", answered the boss. "This independence has been guaranteed by this Assembly with the Constitutional amendments and the legal framework. The current legal framework guarantees us institutional independence"!

Meaning and implication: There is no need to insert hands that do not know where they stop.

But Dumani put before the deputies some other concerns of public importance, where the direct engagement of the Assembly of Albania is required.

One such, in the scale of the scandal, is that of the non-cooperation of public institutions in the fight against corruption and crime. The downward trend of denunciations and lawsuits by law enforcement institutions and agencies has reached 40 percent compared to a year ago, Dumani reported. The data is alarming. The more SPAK is strengthened, the more the institutions cower and withdraw, where an army of appointees receive salaries precisely to fight corruption and illegality in ministries, agencies, municipalities, and others.
A new "enigma" that is added to the other one according to which corruption in the pyramid of the executive at the central and local level has known a "boom" after the start of the work of SPAK!

It is logical to think that the paid guards of law enforcement in these institutions usually make money for themselves from the corruption of others, taking part in exchange for conspiracy, blackmail, cover-up. The famous expression of Montesquieu goes to them when he says about the corruption of the institutions "the medicine itself is poisoned".

Deputies cannot remain silent in the face of such a phenomenon. Parliament has an obligation to react. The deputies of the law commission and the parliament seem to react, we hope positively, also to the demands of the head of SPAK, such as for example the addition of BKH investigators, a request that becomes more and more urgent with the increase in the volume of work from this office. Or the concern related to the lack of a clear legal definition regarding the status of SPAK prosecutors after the end of their mandate. Ironically excluding himself, Duman argued for the necessity of extending their mandate.

For all these, there is a package of concrete proposals submitted to the Assembly by the DP parliamentary group. This package can serve as a basis for the Parliament to add to it other reasonable demands than those presented by Duman. Silence and non-reaction are unethical, impermissible, harmful. Silence echoes corruption.

In the absence of a positive reaction from the Assembly and the government, the issue of the status of prosecutors and the strengthening of SPAK's human and technical resources will have to be resolved by a vote of the general public. It is very positive that the vast majority of Albanian citizens support SPAK and have faith in its work.

This support is encouraging. But just the word is not enough. Albania is experiencing a great event, which in its finale will mark a new history that our country and democracy have not known: the history of the rule of law, the history of "no one above the law", the history of the exit from the jungle to normal democracy. No matter how determined SPAK prosecutors and BKH investigators are, their success requires the co-authorship of the citizens, as in a joint journey, where the citizens, in addition to the word, use the vote wisely to protect and strengthen the new justice, the only blessing to them in the time we live.
The masters of work have arrived. They must be strongly supported, step by step, until the end.

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