Betrayal is not diversity!

2024-05-19 12:09:13 / IDE NGA AZGAN HAKLAJ

Betrayal is not diversity!

In an editorial two days ago in " Koha Jonë ", Agron Gjekmarkaj gives principled definitions for diversity in democracy, and you say he was making a worthy draft for 8-year-old schools.

The implication of this " intellectual " effort was actually obvious and superficial. As usual, I say it bluntly: He and Gaz Bardhi's group, who in these months and years of drooling imitated the pendulum of physics, are not adapting and are not feeling comfortable under the balcony of Sali Berisha, even after signing several posts with a pencil higher ones that are not recognized not only by the statute and the law but in reality not even by the proponents of the Re-establishment.

They are usually met with suspicious glances from below the " tower " of the pulpit and are translating the mutterings through their teeth.

Those who are used to betrayal will betray whenever they are told to betray. Well, it seems that Bardhi and Gjekmarkaj and their friends, instead of benefiting from a horseshoe from a dying horse, will receive a final fatal kick, ending their career here without a point of glory.

And it's normal. The political segment of their journey is so and so bitter because it is foreseen in philosophy and practice that whoever forgets where he came from does not have clarity where he will arrive.

They were deputies selected and spoiled by the Democratic Party, parachuted in the name of intellectualism without a point of inherent contribution, and this materialized dream has made them wonder to the point of shouting: " Eureka "!

But even the political pear, like the real pear, has a tail, even a very long one, which has already been incorporated into the butt of Gaz Bardhi, Gjekmarkaj or those who imitated the pendulum, which is stopping, because the range that spreads the noise is also stopping.

With people like Gaz Bardhi and Gjekmarkaj, in fact, the word becomes dirty and the argument that they deserve nothing but ignorance and contempt, but I have a piece of advice: " The PD is not the prey of random people, but an organization of sincere, persistent and missionary will, towards your behavior it is foreign both to the human character that dominates you and to the evil political formation that directs you."