Triangle a chair many towers!

2023-11-20 13:41:34 / IDE NGA AZGAN HAKLAJ

Triangle a chair many towers!
Berisha's "Hamas" pretends to do "Revolution", but does not touch the chairs of Rilindah!

After Marshall Berisha, the head of the parliamentary group and the former interior minister of Rama, Bledi Çuçi, started the attack on SPAK.
This proves the Bermuda Triangle covenant.

Today's events in parliament are an axiom of the full chord of the infamous Triumvirate.
The Balkan "Hamas" of Berisha, with the blessing of Rama, set fire to the chair of the president of the DPSH, Lulzim Basha, in the parliament, and not to the chairs of Rilindja, because they have one thing in common:

Three donkeys one chair and many towers!
Today they were publicly debunked. Their sarcastic words to the western PD show the panic they are experiencing.

Of course, the Albanian democrats received a clear message about who Foltorja is fighting and who supports it.

These actions show the tragicomic end of the triarchy, which ruled and robbed Albania for 33 years.

The fall of the neo-dictatorship is inevitable and the dawn of democracy is unstoppable.
It is a national mission to liberate democracy and the Republic from the octopus claws of the political mafia and organized crime that, in symbiosis with each other, have invaded the state.

Mobocracy is dying.
Albanians await the birth of the New Republic!

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