He met his army friend after 42 years, the Albanian from Kosovo shares his emotions: He lived in the USA, how did he find me

2023-02-03 11:59:09 / JETË ALFA PRESS

He met his army friend after 42 years, the Albanian from Kosovo shares his

It may seem like a story in the movies, but it is true. Bedri Sadiku is an amateur actor, who was surprised by his army friend, whom he met after 42 years.

In a Skype connection from Kosovo to "ABC e Măngjesit", he has shown how he had regained contact with his Bosnian friend, who currently lives in the USA.

So, Bedriu shared the emotions of the meeting at his son's wedding, where he described details from that moment that took him back in time.

"At that time when I was a soldier, I did not know a single word of the Serbian language. I hung out with him the first 3 days, but I didn't know how to speak a word, we talked with gestures, with humor, we hung out more. It was a very close, warm company, we stayed with him for 5 months. Then we separated from the army. I went to another place, he stayed there. We lost touch, I never knew about it.

A year ago, my daughter Tringa told me: 'Dad wrote today from America and is saying that he will be in touch with you'. I was surprised that you said who is from America, when he told me his name I remembered that I was a soldier with him. I wrote to him and asked for his number. He is Bosnian and we speak Serbo-Croatian. We started the conversation and, among other things, he asked me about the boy, if I would marry him. "If you call me, I'll come," he told me. "From this moment on, you are called with the whole family", I told him.

He had tried hard to find me and had asked the children to help him find me. Whether he is alive or not from the war," he said.




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