Details from the event in Kosovo/ the 21-year-old woman was killed inside the state office, the mayor of the Municipality of Ferizaj reacts

2024-04-12 17:55:08 / KOSOVA ALFA PRESS

Details from the event in Kosovo/ the 21-year-old woman was killed inside the
The Mayor of the Municipality of Ferizaj, Agim Aliu, reacted in a post after the serious event that happened today at the Social Work Center in Ferizaj, where 21-year-old Erona Cokli was killed by her ex-husband.

Ali has expressed his condolences for the incident, as he adds that he is shocked by the news. He clarified that the victim and the perpetrator were receiving services at the institution, when the man shot dead his ex-wife and her brother and then threatened the employee of the center with a weapon.

Ali has congratulated the police officers for the quick reaction, for the arrest of the author. The President has called on the justice institutions to give the deserved punishment to the perpetrator. The incident took place at noon today, as the young woman's 15-year-old brother was also injured by the shooting.

Agim Ali's post:

Deeply shocked, we received the news that a few minutes ago, a fellow citizen of ours was shot dead by her ex-husband, while the victim's brother was also injured.

The victim and the bully were receiving services near the Center for Social Work in Ferizaj, when the bully shot the victim and her brother and threatened the employee of this institution with a weapon.
Dorasi was arrested by the Kosovo Police in Ferizaj, where on this occasion we congratulate them for their high efficiency, as well as the health teams for their quick and professional response.

We expect from the institutions of justice that after the investigations, with the force of the law, they will give a meritorious punishment to Doras.
Today, we are all shocked and sympathize with the victim's family!

Sincere condolences to the victim's family and we wish the injured a speedy recovery!


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