Italian winemaker dies in prosecco warehouse while trying to save injured colleague

2023-09-19 17:00:35 / KOSOVA & BOTA ALFA PRESS

Italian winemaker dies in prosecco warehouse while trying to save injured

A wine professional in northeastern Italy has lost his life after falling into a warehouse of white wine 'prosecco' while trying to save his colleague who was seriously injured.

Marco Bettolini, 46, was working on maintenance at the Ca' di Rajo workshop in the province of Treviso on September 14 when he saw that his friend and colleague Alberto Pin was not feeling well.

Apparently the fumes of the fermentation process had made the manager who was working inside the warehouse feel bad that there was still some wine at the bottom of it, writes the local daily La Tribuna di Treviso.

Bettolini went down to the depot trying to save Mr Pin in the 2pm incident but fell and hit his head on metal.

The newspaper wrote that the second person could also have been intoxicated by the fermentation vapors and lost his balance.

The 31-year-old Pin was taken to the Treviso hospital where he remained in a serious but stable condition, the News Italy 24 network wrote.

The owner of the workshop, Simone Cecchetto, expressed his regret to the media: "We are stunned by the pain, for us they were like two brothers, like our sons".

"Our thoughts go out to their families, to these two boys who grew up with us. We pray that the injured will recover as soon as possible.'

An autopsy is expected to determine the exact cause of Mr. Bettolini's death.

Both men had long experience in their work and it is not explained how they could suffer such a serious accident in the work they had been doing for many years.

Italian prosecutors have started investigations and have isolated the site of the incident.

Chief prosecutor Marco Martani said: "As far as we have learned from the judicial police, none of them should have entered the fermentation warehouse since its maintenance is done by specialized companies with masks or systems against the risk of gas poisoning."

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