What is the most cat-friendly Italian city?


What is the most cat-friendly Italian city?

According to the Italian environmentalist association, " Legambiente ", Naples is the most cat-friendly city in Italy, according to " Il Messaggero".

According to the data, 80 7540 cats have been registered in Naples. The high number of cat colonies is also a record for the Neapolitan city.

" According to an assessment of the association a-Mici onlus, managed by volunteers, which takes care of stray cats, Naples confirms on the one hand the great love that citizens have for this pet, and on the other hand it is clear that cats are taken very little in consideration by the institutions ", said Giorgio Zampetti, general director of "Legambiente".

" This is the reason why today we are resuming proposals to seek greater protection and welfare for cats, in cooperation with the Government, counties and municipalities through a national plan" , he added.