King Charles was diagnosed with cancer, here are the sensational predictions of Nostradamus and the Brazilian mystic for the year 2024 in Britain


King Charles was diagnosed with cancer, here are the sensational predictions of

A bitter news has shocked the world on Monday evening, where it was reported that King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer.

King Charles, who is the heir to the throne after Queen Elizabeth, who passed away in September 2022, is in hospital under the care of doctors.

According to current information, the king underwent a prostate surgery, but according to Buckingham Palace, the tumor is not in this part, but in another organ, which they did not specify.

But what did Athos Salomé, otherwise known as "Nostradamus of Brazil", predict a year ago, which echoed the predictions made by the mystic Nostradamus at the end of the 16th century regarding the kingdom in Britain.

Nostradamus has predicted in 1555 that the year 2024 will have big changes, starting from a new "King" in Britain and up to the change of the Pope.

A year ago Salomé while recalling the prediction made by Nostradamus pointed out that King Charles could retire prematurely from the position due to a serious illness.

But is it the moment for Charles to step down from the Throne, what Nostradamus and Salomé predicted

The well-known mystic predicted that King Charles may step down from the throne, a prediction previously made by the original Nostradamus, but the prediction says that the successor to the crown will not be Prince William.

Athos Salomé seems to have already taken the baton of the French forerunner with prophecies such as the pandemic or the death of the Queen of England.

"King Charles III must take care of his health, prostate and genital problems. These must be done if he is to reign peacefully", declared Salomé a year ago.