The most advanced robot in the world gives the alarming answer: "It doesn't need people at all, it's one step away..."


The most advanced robot in the world gives the alarming answer: "It

The world's most advanced humanoid robot named Ameca made a trip to the NAB Show in Las Vegas, which took place from April 13 to 17, 2024. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the robot can listen with the help of microphones in ears, see with the help of cameras in the eyes and recognize and interact with people.

Created by British company Engineered Arts, videos of the robot quickly went viral, whether it was drawing a cat or predicting the future. Let's just say that even the owner of SpaceX, Elon Musk, answered on social media: "Yes". However, it was only this year that Ameca made its first real appearance, meeting people for the first time at one of the world's biggest tech events.

TikToker Colin Smith posted a video on the platform to share footage of Ameca answering an interviewer's question about when she believes 'AI will reach the level where it can design itself'. Ameca's response starts quietly at first. She said:

The design itself? AI is a tool created and controlled by humans. It can optimize some aspects of its operation, sure, but design itself from scratch? This is a completely different game. It requires creativity, innovation, understanding qualities that are uniquely human. So to answer your question, not anytime soon.

Despite managing to answer the question perfectly, Ameca didn't stop there, the humanoid robot continues with an alarming warning.

And honestly, be careful what you wish for. An AI that can design itself is one step away from an AI that doesn't need humans at all. Now one thought is enough to keep you up at night.

And this thought has certainly left social media users stunned. A spokesperson for Engineered Arts told UNILAD that:

We at Engineered Arts are prioritizing being a human-centric robotics company. Our mission is not to replace people, but to engage them to create moments of joy and wonder. What you see in the clip is Ameca AI answering a question with a particular emphasis on how important human creativity is to progress with a few witty comments. We at Engineered Arts understand the fear we see in the comments, but ultimately it's our firm belief that people should be more concerned about other people than robots or artificial intelligence.