Researchers predict exactly when the current human society will collapse


Researchers predict exactly when the current human society will collapse

Scientists say they have managed to predict exactly when the society we live in will end, as modern technology helps us understand more about the future, from Artificial Intelligence to exaggerated reliance on machines to meet needs.

Many think that life on earth will continue to gradually 'get better', but for a group of more pessimistic scientists have used technology to find out if, and when, it will all come to an end.

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) used a computer model for their prediction, analyzing data on populations, natural resources and energy use.

The study originally published by the "Club of Rome" organization indicated that "growth restriction" would be "the cause of the eventual destruction of human society".

In the study they said this will peak in the 21st century, which is actually the century we're living in.

And in fact, it will take less than two decades to reach the predicted destruction, or rather 17 years, if we continue at these rates, as it is predicted that the end will be in 2040, writes the British daily The Guardian.

At the time of publication, the report was not taken seriously, but before others laughed and mocked it, a similar group of researchers had reached the same conclusions in 2009, writes The Guardian.

The latest study, published by American Scientist magazine in 2008, concluded that 'we are almost exactly on course to achieve self-destruction in 35 years.

"But it is important to recognize that the conclusions have not yet been evaluated and we are not aware of models produced by economists for such long-term forecasts," the document added.

In 2021, Dutch researcher Gaya Herrington more or less confirmed the predictions made in the article.

Speaking to The Guardian, Herrington said: "As a researcher I thought that checking the 10-year patterns and comparing them to empirical observations would be a good exercise."

Herrington said that the data tragically fit with predictions made in 1972, which said that economic stagnation in the decade we are living in will bring about the end of our society within 10 years.

But luckily Herrington had some optimistic predictions.

She told The Guardian : "The key to the study is that we adapt to a scenario that does not end in disaster, such as innovation and new developments by government and civil society to create a more sustainable world."