Trouble in the Royal Family, climate catastrophe... Nostradamus 2024 predictions revealed


Trouble in the Royal Family, climate catastrophe... Nostradamus 2024 predictions

Prince Harry could become King of England in 2024 according to the writings of the 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus, Dailymail writes.

His work Prophecies, published in 1555, predicts the future in 942 - poetic verses.

Some attribute this text to the prediction of September 11, the rise of Adolf Hitler and the development of Artificial Intelligence.

Described as the "Prophet of the Apocalypse", the apothecary was inspired by biblical texts and his own experiences of plague, with predictions that often focused on famine and sorrow. 

Find out what's in store for 2024 according to Nostradamus:

Confrontation with China

Joe Biden tried to thaw relations with China when he and Xi Jinping met in November 2023 to discuss Taiwan, fentanyl and climate change.

However, Nostradamus' predictions suggest that it may all have been in vain.

In a verse that begins by describing 'the battle of war and sea', he writes how 'The red adversary shall turn pale with fear, dismaying the great Ocean'.

The 'red adversary' may refer to China, given the color of their flag, and references to the maritime conflict are eerie in light of the growing debate over the state of Taiwan - with the island at the crossroads of China's seas Eastern and Southern. 

Riots in the Royal Household

British author and Nostradamus commentator Mario Reading has previously spoken of how the French astrologer - whose full name was Michel de Nostredame - may have predicted the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

And the viewer may be treated to another royal account, with one of his predictions talking about the 'King of the Isles' who had a contentious divorce being 'forced out'. 

He is then replaced by 'one who is not in line to be king'.

In Reading's analysis, this suggests that King Charles III abdicated because of 'constant attacks on both him and his second wife', and Harry could replace him, rather than William or any of to his children, as a man who is not in line to become King.

Climate Catastrophe

With the arrival of 2024 at the end of the COP28 summit, this prediction from Nostradamus may carry over to December's events in Dubai, which are expected to break records for carbon emissions.

Climate chaos has already begun with the incidence of fires, floods and droughts increasing across the globe in recent years, especially in 2023.

But what is interesting is how he seems to have predicted these apocalyptic events, all those centuries ago.

He predicts: 'The dry land will become more dry and there will be major floods.'

Elsewhere, he warns of storms leading to famine. "Hunger too great through damaging waves," he wrote. 

A new Pope 

The king is not the only major figure in line for replacement according to Les Propheties.

Pope Francis, now in his mid-80s and having suffered health problems recently, may continue. 

One passage says: 'Through the death of a very old Papacy, a Roman of good age will be chosen, of whom it will be said that he will stand long.