Will Argita Malltezi be Berisha's successor? Noka: I asked him to commit himself full time...

2024-05-19 10:12:38 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Will Argita Malltezi be Berisha's successor? Noka: I asked him to commit

The General Secretary of Reestablishment, Flamur Noka, invited to the studio of the show ' Kjoja Javë' on New24, spoke about the possibility of Argita Mallezi taking the role of his father in politics.

Noka said that he was among the politicians who asked Berisha's daughter to commit herself full-time.

However, he said that she has rejected this request.

What does Argita Malltez's participation in the opposition protests symbolize?

Flamur Noka:  Argita Berisha is a democrat who has historically supported every cause of her party. Her presence in protests is not surprising. I was one of the politicians of this force that I asked her for full-time commitment, but she refused. However, her contribution is extremely valuable.

How likely is she to succeed her father after 2025?

Flamur Noka:  Our goal today is to organize, mobilize, stand up and face to overthrow the most corrupt regime after the dictatorship. Then the race for DP, it has a chairman today, when there is no one we will talk. DP has a chairman. I have said it and I say it, I was the first to ask in 2013 for a fuller commitment of Ms. Malltezi in the DP.

Would you agree to be a successor?

Flamur Noka:  As long as Sali Berisha is president, I don't waste time discussing anything else about the president.