The accusations against McGonigal/ Berisha implicates Rama: In the prosecutor's file there are more burning things for the prime minister!

2023-02-03 13:55:42 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

The accusations against McGonigal/ Berisha implicates Rama: In the

The chairman of Reestablishment, Sali Berisha, claimed that the prosecutor who started the investigation for the former FBI official, Charles McGonigal, has files with burning things that implicate Rama.

He said that Rama should repent in this case.

"At that time the New York Times wrote a banal article about my son, and untrue. It was found by the American court to be completely untrue. I called a friend of mine and told him who to contact. He told me the number of the deputy editor-in-chief. I took the rebuttal to him. She did not publish the rebuttal. and so I have said this word because it violated the refutation. In this case, when it is defamed, it deserves epithets. This has been. And the New York Times is in tune with the world's major media. It's not like the New York Times makes a discovery. the person who accompanied McGonigal with Rama to the meeting is the same person who paid the dollars for the service requested of the former FBI official. Rama has connections. His name is mentioned 14 times in the indictment. The prosecutor has more burning things on file. Rama remembers that he can cheat and become remorseful. He must become penitent. When the media violates any standard, they kick themselves. The commission of inquiry will be set up. No one is stopping him. There is a privatization of the parliament by Rama and Linda. Parliament belongs to the citizens. They have sent their representatives there," he asserted.


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