"Altin Dumani is independent"/ Sula refutes Berisha: There is no reason why he attacks him

2024-05-28 23:49:34 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"Altin Dumani is independent"/ Sula refutes Berisha: There is no
MP Dash Sula said on the "Real Story" show that the head of the Special Prosecutor's Office, Altin Dumani, has nothing to do with the case of former Prime Minister Sali Berisha.

He emphasized that there is no reason why Berisha and the politicians close to him attack him. According to Sula, the prosecutor is independent.

" Mr. Berisha and those other politicians close to Mr. Berisha, why are they attacking Altin Duman? He has no connection whatsoever with Mr. Berisha's case. Zero. Which means the prosecutor is independent.

At a time when all those investigated, judged, are from the majority, at a time when the majority plays the role of the good like a theater. I am telling you that there are certain prosecutors who are not immune.

I don't think now that SPAK is 100% correct, but it speaks to the principle. You must have a clear standard. It cannot exist that a SPAK prosecutor, whoever he may be, does not delve into the investigations of a minister, of a director, who can be accused of corruption and embezzlement of millions of euros at a time when he receives abuse of office, at a time that is impossible for him to commit the entire criminal act of millions of euros. It could not happen" , said Sula.


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