EU Ambassador from Shkodra: SPAK should be allowed to do its job! The parties find the way for Reform, the 2025 elections should not be contested

2024-07-11 09:35:22 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

EU Ambassador from Shkodra: SPAK should be allowed to do its job! The parties

The Ambassador of the European Union in Albania, Silvio Gonzato, has stated from Shkodra that the Justice Reform is working and that we should allow SPAK to do its work, leaving space for it.

" We don't talk about ongoing investigations, but I can say that what is happening is what we have been waiting for. And of course the Justice Reform of 2016 is working. We must allow SPAK to do its work, create the space for them to do so. At the same time, I can say that maybe that reform ensures that the judicial system is independent, independent from political influence.

And the problem that we all know is the main obstacle of Albania on the way to the EU, and this is corruption. I think it is a good signal, I believe and hope that SPAK will do its job. But we don't want to look at the punitive aspect, but also the structure, the environment that creates this opportunity for corruption to be addressed  ," said the ambassador.

Furthermore, Gonzato also spoke about the Electoral Reform, saying that the recommendations of the OSCE should be followed. He emphasized that he hopes that the parties will find a way to meet the expectations of Albanian citizens.

According to the ambassador, the next elections should avoid an electoral result, which can be contested.

"This is something that has worried me since the beginning, when I came to Albania last December. And I have made my position clear, based on our official document, it is important to follow the recommendations of the OSCE and to do it comprehensively. I hoped that the contacts with the various parties would yield results. Also, now I know that there are some other issues that need to be addressed, which is the decision of the Constitutional Court, which needs to be looked at again.

" I still hope that the parties will find a way, in response to the expectations of the Albanian citizens. And ensure that future elections are held in the most favorable climate possible. We want to avoid an electoral result, which may be contested. We want the elections to be held in the right way, which brings stability that Albania needs on the road to the EU. These are decisive times where negotiations with the EU go to a certain stage and we need administrative capacity and political determination for European integration ", he said.

Gonzato was in Shkodër on the afternoon of July 10, 2024, as part of the conclusion of the program for "Eu4municipality", a 3-year program, where he guaranteed support for municipalities in future projects with 10 million euro grants. The closing ceremony of this project took place in Shkodër, which has been one of the beneficiary municipalities of the projects with the multifunctional center "Xixellojat". 

19 municipalities have been beneficiaries of projects financially supported by the European Union.


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