Lawyer: Ilir Meta ordered the murder of Arben Ndoka's brother!

2024-05-28 23:54:28 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Lawyer: Ilir Meta ordered the murder of Arben Ndoka's brother!
The well-known lawyer Idajet Beqiri, invited to the show "Interview of the day" on DritareTV, made a strong statement about Ilir Meta. Mr. Beqiri said that Meta ordered the killing of the brother of SP MP Arben Ndoka.

" This country has been covered with criminality. The source of criminality is politics. All these criminal organizations have spawned, encouraged, kept alive, and used politics. These were the executors of the works that the policy prepared. Up to privatizations, concessions, various tenders. They have been the armed wing of politics in order that when the word didn't work, a pistol was used to withdraw someone from the race. These are closely related to crime. The SP deputy found the wrong path and for this he will answer to the extent that he will be investigated and judged. But let's not forget that they killed his brother. Aleksandër Ndoka was killed by order of Ilir Meta. This is true. All of Lezha knows the conflict that Aleksandër Ndoka had with Ilir Meta's wife, and it is not the first time that Meta has given such orders. He gave the order to kill Tom Dosh and that is still an open question. Three assassination attempts were made on the one who harassed Monika Kryemadhi. And he fled the country. ", said Idajet Beqiri on DritareTV.

How Aleksandr Ndoka was killed!

Aleksandër Ndoka, the brother of the former Socialist MP, Arben Ndoka, was killed on December 9, 2017. The father of four was a member of the Lezha City Council since 2015 and was the owner of a private business. He was parking his car in front of the house, in the "Mother Teresa" neighborhood, when he was executed with a barrage of bullets. Investigators said at the time that the perpetrators of this attack had accurate information on the movements of their target or followed him. The road near the apartment was seen as the most suitable place, because it is narrow and the victim had no way to leave.

According to forensics experts, Aleksandër Ndoka was turning the car to enter the apartment and was shot while walking back. 14 bullets were fired at him and 9 of them hit him in the body, causing his immediate death.

There were two main tracks that the police investigated at that time, that of personal conflicts or other members of the Ndoka family and that of killing due to duty.

Since 2013, the 48-year-old had held positions in the local administration in Lezhë, a lawyer in Hipoteka and the district council, as well as a member of the municipal council since 2015. While months before the murder, he was also appointed chief inspector of the National Inspectorate of Territory Protection for the North./window


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