"Berisha has harmed Albania as much as Enver Hoxha", Kokalari analyzes politicians

2024-07-10 23:18:00 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"Berisha has harmed Albania as much as Enver Hoxha", Kokalari analyzes
The Albanian-American activist, Gary Kokalari, in an interview on 'Top Story', analyzed the Albanian prime ministers over the years.

Focusing on the former Prime Minister Berisha, Kokalari said that he did as much harm to Albania as Enver Hoxha and it is not moral to talk about the exodus of Albanians or corruption.

Grida Duma : Of the prime ministers of the transition, Berisha, Nano, Meta, Rama, who would you define as the most progressive and which as the most regressive in Albania?

Gary Kokalari : If you look at it only from the physical point of view of the changes that Albania has undergone, I say that Rama has done an admirable job. I visited Albania, I talked to the people. Most think that Rama has worked hard for Albania to move forward. To tell you who was the regressive, it is Sali Berisha, This started in 97, he brought Albania back after 1 or two decades. Albania's economy was destroyed, people no longer had confidence, not even foreigners.

Now I get irritated when I hear Berisha criticizing the current government that is driving Albanians away. The exodus happened by Enver Hoxha and Sali Berisha. He does not have the moral authority to do so. I have heard stories about Edi Rama, they may or may not be true. But I know about Berisha, he has no morals to speak of. He has the right to speak, but how can he point the finger at corruption after what he did, 97', to Gërdec.



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