I appealed to the supporters from the window of the "home prison": You are being asked to make sacrifices!

2024-03-03 20:25:28 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

I appealed to the supporters from the window of the "home prison": You

The head of Reestablishment, Sali Berisha, has emphasized that the freedom we love requires sacrifices, asking this sacrifice from the supporters under the balcony of the house.

Part of the speech from the window

Berisha : Freedom requires sacrifices from us, my friends.

Freedom demands from Albanians the sacrifices they have made in all times, against the savage invaders.

This is one of the worst invaders that Albania has had.

Yesterday was the day of the great faith.

Those who made the pledge in Lezha, apart from God and their weapons, had nothing else, but it was the pledge and the union, it was the faith that made them powerful to defeat the greatest empire of those times.

That's why we must unite, unite.

Every Albanian who loves this country, every Albanian who will be free, wants his children to be free, against this savage invader, who humiliates, who impoverishes the Albanians who drives them out of their country.

My friends!

Do not forget that Edi Rama and his regime are rot and only rot.

I guarantee you that even 3 days cannot resist civil civil disobedience.

Not even 3 days can withstand our battle without return.

Let's do this battle for ourselves, for our children, for Albanians wherever they live today.

Albania is saved by the Albanians, Albania is saved by the Albanians,

Long live Albania, long live the Albanian nation!

Win, win, win!


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