"Was your son-in-law released by Edi Rama?", Berisha-journalists: There is no connection, we would take the case to Strasbourg and...

2023-11-21 13:45:59 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"Was your son-in-law released by Edi Rama?", Berisha-journalists:
In a press conference, Sali Berisha said once again that the measure given to Ilir Beqaj is a second amnesty to you, ordered by Edi Rama.

" If there is one person in Albania who has declared that 'SKAP' is a criminal organization, it is Berisha. Berisha is the first from SPAK to call it 'SKAP'. I did it to protect the interests of the citizens because people connected to crime, terrible bribe takers, were gathering there. I am a former president, former prime minister, I would never allow myself to label people who follow the law as anything but true heroes. But these are people that no one united as the most dangerous gang, in an institution after the state security investigators. To think that this is related to this three weeks ago, it is honestly not related. I will remain of public interest.

Whoever analyzes Beqaj, the truth was what happened on Saturday, it was his second real amnesty from Edi Rama. Because after 4 months, an indictment was formulated, which for anyone who has the most elementary notion of the law, is equal to 0. What is he accused of? It is accused that he did not dictate the conflict of interest between Rrjepaj and Rrapaj. In law, Beqaj has no obligation to dictate this. How has the law resolved this? It is solved by the obligation of the person, self-declaration. So Rrapaj was forced to declare himself. "Beqaj is directly responsible for the sterilization affair, because it went from a public to a private concession," said Berisha.

Furthermore, Berisha also said that SPAK is commanded by Edi Rama and that the prosecutors are being used as a machete of the prime minister, and according to him, they will have the fate of the latter.

Journalist Osman Stafa addressed him with the question, if according to this logic, even his son-in-law Jamarbër Malltezi was released today by order of Edi Rama?

" My son-in-law was a political prisoner. It is not true that he gave or did not give an order. She would immediately go to Strasbourg. He was put under house arrest. He has none, zero… they themselves have not blamed him. After three years of investigation, they failed to find a fact to file a lawsuit against him, but they took him under investigation. That issue will be resolved in Strasbourg ," said Berisha.

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