Doda publishes Beler's convictions: How can such a character with such humiliating things run for the opposition?

2023-09-19 12:16:00 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Doda publishes Beler's convictions: How can such a character with such

MP Mesila Doda brought this Monday to the studio of "Opinion" on TV Klan photos that, according to her, prove that Fredi Beleri appeared with the flag of Vorio-Epir in the background in his public appearances, accompanied by Vangjel Dule.

She also cited the evidence of the penalty of the mayor of Himara, where it is said that he was previously convicted by the Court of Athens for "carrying weapons without a permit", "calling for nationalist hatred" and "humiliation of the Republic and its symbols", to which the deputy emphasizes, he has not served a single day in prison.

Further, Doda raises the question of how a man who she describes as "a character with humiliating things for Albania" can be elected the candidate of the largest opposition force in the country.

Mesila Doda : I have here some photos of Freddy Beller, over and over over the years. Here you have it with Vangjel Dule, and here you have it with Vangjel Dule. They are with the flag of Vorio-Epiri, I'm talking to you! Since we said it was an isolated case. Here we have it here, let them take out this photo in the Parliament. I have many more, I will give them to the gentlemen. These are cases that show that these are recidivists and this is not a random thing, this is a strategy to plant this very idea of ​​division and the idea that "wait for us to open it and return to the Corfu protocol." This is the first issue.

-One question, but Beleri was voted and won in Himare and he has not hidden these attitudes.

Mesila Doda:  He was the best candidate, this gentleman?! Today I opened the decriminalization statement, it is all written that Mr. Dule came out a few days ago and said that he has a clean record of the crime. Meanwhile, he is here, he says, I was sentenced to 18 months in prison, 3 years of probation by the Court of Appeal in Athens for carrying weapons without a permit and 3 years in prison from 2006 for inciting national hatred, humiliating the Republic and its symbols, prescribed by decision of the court and says that I have not served a single day in prison. And this is the reason why it is not released because he ran away, he wrote it himself, sir.

For these criminal offenses I have not served a single day in prison, he says. Is it possible that such a character with such humiliating things for Albania should be chosen as the candidate not of a group of people, but of an opposition force. Do you understand what we are talking about, about a force that was born with the national issue?!


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