Erzen Breçani, the 'loyalist' of Sali Berisha with high positions in the police, who appeared as an analyst and expert in television studios

2023-11-21 12:39:15 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Erzen Breçani, the 'loyalist' of Sali Berisha with high
Erzen Breçani was arrested by the police, by order of SPAK, after being accused of money laundering and supporting the perpetrator of the crime. But his name is not unknown to citizens.

Despite the clear political connections and now even suspected connections to crime, Breçani has often appeared in television studios as an independent expert and commentator!

Erzen Breçani, the former head of the Tirana Police, after the departure of the Berisha government in 2013, focused on his activity as a private security, while his name stood out in the debate with former minister Samir Tahiri, as residents were asked to leave the palace. at "Margarita Tutulani" street. In the parliamentary elections of 2013, he appeared on the list of DP candidates.

Erzen Breçani appeared in public again at the Babale event, a pivot of politics in 2018-2019 and one of the witnesses who debunked the DP scenario of "Babale".

At that time, revealed exclusively the wiretapping of the telephone conversation between the former deputy director of the Tirana police, Erzen Breçani, and Babale's brother-in-law, Fredi Alizoti, as well as the confirmation that Erzen Breçani himself gave to this conversation at the prosecutor's office.

The latter was called by Fredi Alizoti, explaining to him that the wiretapping was fabricated and fake, but in order for him not to speak, the payment promised by Salianji should be made.

Erzen Breçani is known as one of Sali Berisha's loyalists who accompanied him in every protest and political action in Tirana./(