"Comic figure", Haxhiu 'unravels' Bardhi's movements: Everything is just making him be on Berisha's list

2023-09-19 14:59:50 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"Comic figure", Haxhiu 'unravels' Bardhi's movements:

Journalist Baton Haxhiu said that despite the fact that he liked Gazment Bardhin, he has already moved to the position of a comic figure who is only doing everything to be on Sali Berisha's list.

According to the journalist, everything being done now is only for the 2025 elections.

" Bardhi will be one of the figures that I have liked, but he will be one of the comic figures in this process, precisely because he sees the future within a conjunctural structure to be or win the position of deputy and nothing more and a man who has waged public battles to displace himself…

I think that the other MPs are without any public credibility, they are appreciated by the countries they come from, but they have not shown anything and the fact that Bardhi, who has carried the main burden during this period, against Berisha and others and goes to his bed , it is about dignity and the problem is that here dignity has been lost over time and people have completely moved to a pragmatic position.

This pragmatism is focused on the 2025 elections, which probably Bardhi thinks will be on Berisha's list or in the coming party, because the issue of the party is already over," Haxhiu told Euronews Albania

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